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Anyway, in front of everyone in the red room (except James, who is currently filming the shots of himself ponderously looking at the "memory wall"), Mike tells George that he should pay Will back a little better for being the one who saved George's ass last week. Will cuts in, saying that he will gladly take all the blame for getting Janelle to nominate Marcellas. "But it was to save Boogie, and it was to save Chicken George," Will claims. Yipes. It's getting deep in here. It also feels strange having everyone sitting around together talking about who's trying to vote out who. George turns to Howie. "Howie, what do you have to say?" Howie thinks. You can tell, because you can faintly hear clanking. "I don't know. I think we've covered everything," Howie says. Now, Mike moves on to his next strategy, because he points out to George what Julie said about there being a power that's major and serious and game-changing and so forth, and while he's not (ahem) confirming or denying who has it, George might want to consider whether he really wants to take it on, whatever it might be. I think that's a very good argument, and probably the best one Mike has. For all George knows, it's an instant eviction of the person of your choice, you know? Why make waves at this point?

James gathers the group in the living room for the veto ceremony. But first! George shuts himself in the room for a minute with just Danielle and Erika, and he asks them about changing course and nominating Howie. "Do it," they both say. "Do it." With that, they all shuffle off to the incredibly important ritual they are currently missing. When the ceremony gets underway, James promptly vetoes himself and tells George to pick a replacement nominee. George stands up. He reminds everyone of the talk they all had in the bedroom thirty seconds ago, and he says that he's glad Mike said what he did. He realizes that Mike and Will helped save him last week. He says that he won't put up Janelle because she "played the game very well." Let's not revisit the stupidity of that theory, but there it is. He also won't nominate Danielle. Therefore, taking the nomination this time around is...Howie. Howie immediately becomes so seethingly enraged that it looks like he might jump up and choke George. "You want to listen to the people that tried to sell your ass out last week?" Howie snaps. And then he says --hilariously and filled with absolute confidence -- this: "Well, they're impossibly outnumbered." I'm not even following who "they" are or who "outnumbers" them, even in the topsy-turvy world that is Howie's head. "It's a free week for me, Georgie," Howie taunts. "A free week." Howie becomes the latest in a long string of people taking credit for saving George last week, but he finds a grammatically creative way to do it: "I was probably one of the most motivational reasons for it." That needs, like, four [sic]s. Howie adds to the confusion by saying that George's "allies" attempted to "sell [him] under the bus last week." So now we're selling people under the bus? Are we setting up shop? Right there under the bus? And then we're selling people? It sure doesn't sound good. You'd feel objectified, and you'd also suck in a lot of exhaust. "Will doesn't count," Howie says, still going for a schoolyard-taunt tone. "He'll never win an HoH. We'll keep our three intact," he vows. "The joke's on them this week, Georgie. The joke is on them." James adjourns the meeting.

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