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Will and Janelle yank Howie into the red room for a talking-to about his stupid speech, in which he lectured that he has the numbers on his side. "Why did you say that?" Janelle asks. Will points out that this tells Danielle that Will and Mike are aligned with S6. How this goes with Howie's weird thing about "Will doesn't count," I do not know. I'm not sure Howie knows either. Howie wants to know if he has Will's vote, and Will assures him that he does. Howie says that in that case, there's nothing to worry about, so it doesn't matter what his speech was like. Janelle tells him to "settle down." Heh. Will DRs that Howie is not helping himself by campaigning for votes -- instead, he should be letting Janelle handle it. "He's doing a horrible job, and it might be his downfall," Will says. I never really thought of anyone doing a horrible job of being nominated, but if anyone can, for sure, it's Howie. Howie insists to Will and Janelle that he can now "personally attack" George for lying, as if the freedom to make personal attacks offers some strategic advantage that he will now be able to exploit. He's going right to the top, baby! And how? By attacking everyone who's going to be on the jury! Woooo! Will winds up telling Howie to stop yelling at people, and also winds up teasing Janelle for being unable to control her alliance members.

Howie goes and finds Mike, again asking for his vote and again being assured that he has it. Mike offers up "bros before hos." I think it's safe to say that, speaking on behalf of all of us hos, we really don't mind if Howie and Mike just go off together and forget all about us, frankly. In the DR, Howie says that with James and Janelle voting for him, he only needs Will or Mike, and since they both told him they'd vote for him, he should be fine. You can tell he's a little anxious about it, though. Howie puts Mike through another round of "bros before hos" in the gym. In an interview, Mike points out that it's basically impossible to win the game and not lie the whole time. I think that's probably true, even though he's the one saying it.

Now, an extremely weird exercise-room meeting follows between Will, Mike, and James, in which Will and James talk about the possibility of voting out Erika. Howie stands at the door, maybe overhearing and maybe not, as the three of them talk about the relative merits of Howie versus Erika. Howie's weak, but he's with Janelle. Erika is stronger, but she's harder to predict. Will tells James that if he wants Howie out, he need to join them in voting that way. James says no -- he'll immediately be exposed if he does that. Will says in the DR that they genuinely aren't sure what they should do, and he still doesn't know what's going to happen. I wish he would stop wearing t-shirt sleeves on his head. It makes him much harder to defend.

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