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We begin with a reminder of the blue-and-white eviction of Howie, which is no prettier than it was a few paragraphs ago. James says that it was sad to see Howie go, and he claims that Howie went home for trusting Mike and Will. I'm not sure that's true at all. I think he was surprised by his eviction because he trusted Mike and Will, but I think he was going home anyway. Janelle says that Howie was lied to (horrors!), and that people who were her friends before are her "enemies" now. If this shocked discovery that Mike and Will cannot be trusted sounds familiar to you, it's probably because it's exactly the same thing she said at the beginning of the last episode. Every time she gets blindsided, she dislikes it more than the last time she got blindsided exactly the same way, you know? That side should probably be getting a little less blind now, is the thing.

In color, it is Day 51. Mike tells Erika he didn't expect Howie to be such a "sore loser." He low-fives Will, but Will is thinking about something else: "I think Howie is going to regret what he did," Will says. I think that of all the things that there are about this game that are stupid, one of the few that really bothers Will is when people allow themselves to take the game personally to the point where they would do something dumb and self-destructive like what Howie just did. Will reiterates in the DR that he did tell Howie he was safe, and it was a lie, but that people who claim they can win the game without lying...are lying. In the DR, George comments on how surprising it is that the apprentice from the Jedi alliance "light-sabers the master." I could have done without a return to that dynamic, but it's true; I think George was the last person Howie recognized as a threat. Oh, and it's interesting that the post-production people are so thoroughly asleep at the switch that George is labeled on the screen, "Will: Big Brother 2." Somebody is looking at George through Will-colored glasses. I wonder how much those cost. If I could go into, say, the bank, and everyone I saw would look like Will Kirby? I'd buy those goggles in a second.

Erika and Danielle talk in the red room, and Erika says, "Typical Howie, going out like a big buffoon." Heh. Danielle just congratulates Erika on still being there. Erika tells us that she didn't care much for Howie and she's glad he's gone. She points out on the wall under "HATE" how Howie made her feel gross. James and Janelle chat in another one of the bedrooms, where she laments that Will and Mike lied to them. "Janelle, it's Chill Town. That's what they've been doing all season." And, I would add, throughout their previous season. And since they were toddlers, I'm predicting. I suspect Will tried to talk other babies into pooping for him so he wouldn't get dirty. "I hate them," she says, starting to cry. She says in the DR that she doesn't trust anyone, she's on her own, blah blah, poor Janelle, little girl blue, hinky-dinky-parlez-vous. James asks her what they're supposed to do now. "Win an HoH," she says. He chuckles. "Then what?" "I don't give a shit," she whimpers. James says to us that he feels bad about Howie and Janelle being hurt, because he knows them outside the house, and so on.

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