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Mike calls everyone to look at the HoH room, but before they even really have a chance to answer, he says, "Nobody, great." I think he actually wanted that joke, because he hates the walk to the HoH room so much. Janelle whines to Will that she's only going to look at the room if she can wear her sunglasses. I suspect Will is very impressed to discover that there's someone in the world who's even vainer than he is. Mike gets the fittingly fugly HoH room he deserves. Lots of orange and lots of polka dots. It would only be better if it had, like, some Hammer pants. Then he'd be really in his element. He and Will have an HoH conversation in which Mike proposes putting up James and Janelle, and Will says they can boot whichever one doesn't win the veto. In the DR, Will tells us that the crack in the LOD is that he doesn't trust James, and he wants him out, because he just has too many alliances. Mike's argument to Will in favor of his plan is that since the whole house wants Janelle out, they have to nominate her, but they'll plan to help her win veto and take her off the block so they can boot James. That way, if somebody else wins veto, they can always get rid of Janelle, which is still fine. James joins them in the HoH room, and Mike explains how they're going to put him up with Janelle, but of course, they suggest to him that it's Janelle who will go home.

Later, George joins Janelle in the red room for a chat. She tells him that she's expecting to be nominated. In the DR, she complains that she's going to get nominated because the entire house wants to get rid of her. I wonder if that might be less the case if you hadn't been such a cocky beeyotch, beeyotch. Janelle spills it to George that they promised her they would keep Marcellas, and George decides to take moral offense to this. He also looks really surprised, which you would think he wouldn't be. Oh, George. George decides to propose an alliance to Janelle, and she accepts. I'm not sure what he thinks he's doing, and he tells us in the DR that he doesn't know who he's really aligned with, but he thinks he can "really talk to" Janelle. For her part, she says that talking to him made her feel great, because she can really trust him, so now, he's her "new teammate." I wonder if he'll appreciate the part where she lied to everyone about how he swore on his kids that he'd vote to keep Kaysar. I guess that's not as bad as everyone else lying that they'd keep Marcellas, huh?

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