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Janelle and Will talk outside. She appears very drunk. This is the part where she decides to try to act like she has a little bit of control over everything, so she starts telling him how he lied to her, and she's done all these things for him, and so forth. She accuses him of "backstabbing" her, and he says, "I didn't backstab you. I stabbed you in the front!" She goes all serious on him and says that isn't funny. She wants to know what he's going to give her in return for everything she's...already done, which is kind of not the time to ask for a trade. He says that he's going to get rid of James. "Well, then don't nominate me," she says. He tells her that she'll be nominated, probably, but they're going to put up James, and that's who will go. Will says in the DR that he's building Janelle up as a "fembot." Despite the fact that she deserves it and has invited it with her ridiculous, cutesy-poo behavior, that is still gross, and he should not have said it. Also, his hair looks hideous. Fix yourself, punk, and then get back to me.

Janelle visits Mike, bringing Will with her, because...bringing Will with you protects you from Mike? Mike explains the plan to let her win veto and take herself off, followed by the booting of James. She likes this idea, as you can imagine. I am amused by the idea that she is now taking Will everywhere she goes so that they have all the same information. You know who probably wasn't glad Will came to this meeting? Mike. I'm telling you, there's treachery planned. I think what Mike actually wants is to be in F3 and win HoH, and then not take Will to the finals. I think that's his dream.

Time for nominations. Danielle says that she hopes Mike will stick with LOD and put up Janelle. James says that he and Janelle know they'll go up. He clearly thinks Janelle is going to be sent home, but he has this to say about whatever her pitiful routine has evolved into: "Janelle says the fight is gone? Don't believe a word of it." It's kind of funny how nobody ever believes anything she says. (Or tells anyone else to say, as in the case of "spool of lies.") Janelle bullshits again that she's just trying to look like she's weak. Mike yammers that the nominations serve a "more complicated plan than most people will probably know." I'm not sure what that plan even is, but I don't think it's likely to be all that complicated, if Mike is involved in it.

Time for nominations. Mike says they might as well get to it, because everyone knows who the targets are. Danielle gets her key first. Then George, Erika, and Will. So the nominees are Janelle and James, indeed. Mike talks about putting up people who are "very good at this game." He also says that he's going after Season 6, just like he always said he would. James tells us that he feels safe, and he's trusting the LOD, which is "part of being a team." Janelle says that she also feels safe. "I kind of have to trust Chill Town a little bit," she says. She has to trust them, of course, in spite of starting off the last two episodes by talking about how she can't trust them.

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