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The next round is The One With All The Controversy. Janelle runs over and grabs for a doll at the same time as James, but when they both wind up fighting over it, Janelle squeals, "Give it to meeeeee!" James backs off and lets her have it, which doesn't stop her from hollering, "Jerk!" Basically, the way Janelle herself describes the competition, they both grabbed dolls without looking, and the one she wound up with turned out to be the right one. Well, of course it did. Because she continues to be incredibly lucky in addition to having people intentionally throwing competitions to her and helping her win in addition to having freakish natural abilities that seem to have no application to anything other than winning Big Brother competitions. In the DR, James goes into this hilariously whiny routine about how she "physically assaulted" him to get the doll, and then he holds his hand out, all, "I am harmed." I have a feeling he's specifically referring to some rule that talks about harm, and this's not tongue in cheek, that's not what I mean, but I don't think he's just randomly yelling that he was "harmed." Still, I have no idea how he got himself so wound up over this. On first viewing, I had thought she played too rough, but what happened was more that because she was so bitchy about it at the time, with her "Give it to meeeeee!", it gave me the impression that they fought more than they did. On replay, I don't see what his problem is at all. She may have had the same effect on him. And she decides to top off her great display of sportsmanship by responding to his complaint that he didn't like being kicked by flipping him off and saying, "I just broke a nail." She is, in that moment, the cheerleader of high-school nightmares. Anyway, James gets knocked out, in part because once he has that scuffle with Janelle, he's so distracted by that that he can't function and keep looking.

So now it's Janelle and Erika, and of course, Janelle wins, partly because numerous people conspired to hand it to her and she got ridiculously lucky. Typical. She runs over and wants to hug everyone, and James declines to hug her on account of her poor sportsmanship. "Don't be mad at me!" she says, because that's how she lives her life, but he's having none of it. It's interesting, because he wouldn't have a leg to stand on here as far as sportsmanship if she hadn't done that bitchy, hateful little "broke a nail" thing. As it stands, they sort of share the sucking. Because you don't get to twitter at how clever you are when you give a guy the finger and then order him not to be mad at you. You can be all "fuck you, I'm a bad-ass, here's a finger for you" to people, or you can get hugs from those same people all the time, but you can't necessarily have both, sweetheart.

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