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"Marcellas is a little ho," Mike announces in the DR, while wearing his stupid little orange fedora, or whatever that thing is. Who buys a hat like that in safety orange? I can't imagine how you'd justify owning that, unless you go hunting frequently and don't want to be mistaken for...a deer in a Robin Hood costume, I suppose. Mike brags about how Marcellas went out tacky, and he's happy to be "the orchestrator of [Marcellas's] demise." And then Howie decides to get in on the action. "Marci did one of his diva little bitchy things," he agrees with disdain. Ravens circle overhead, dragging a long banner that reads, "WELCOME IRONY TO HOWIE CON '06."

In color, it is Day 46 in the house, and Danielle is all weepy as she and Erika hug. In the DR, Danielle talks about how people looked Marcellas right in the face and lied. Lied! She is shocked. Shocked! But at the same time, she says she did the same, with the lying and then the booting, and she hopes Marcellas understands. It's not like it's outside the realm of possibility. It just depends on how he decides it all reflects on him. I'm sure that if Marcellas can find a way to congratulate himself for it, he'll forgive her. We see Danielle in the bedroom, weeping away as James and his white dinner jacket comfort her. See, this is still the prom, and she's that girl who cries in the ladies' room all night. You can't have the prom without that girl, of course. Later, Danielle looks like hell in the DR as she and her pink robe explain how she hopes she'll be forgiven, because "it was game." Apparently, even though everyone is sequestered, she still decided she needed to make a spectacle of being the opposite of the smug snottyface she was last time around.

James goes into a bedroom, leaving Danielle to sniffle on her own while he meets with Janelle and Howie. Janelle wants to know what went wrong and how Marcellas wound up being bounced. I'm not sure why Janelle is surprised if Howie had enough notice that he wound up voting for Marcellas himself. If this was the first Janelle knew that Marcellas was going, how did Howie know to vote him out instead of Erika? James says he "found out how everyone was voting." Janelle wants to know how he found out. "Because I do that," he explains in an impatient whisper. You'd think Janelle could put her feather boa down somewhere along here, wouldn't you? But she still clings to it like it's her lovey as she stomps around the house while voicing over from the DR that she had a "bad, bad HoH week." She insists that she was "screwed by the entire house." So she says that now, she's going to "do what [she] want[s]," and nobody's going to push her around. Certainly not Will, no sirree. She's a free agent. With a boa. Maybe two!

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