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Time for the veto ceremony. Janelle is afraid that Mike is going to nominate George. James says that any scenario -- either Erika or Chicken George going up -- will play out fine for him. Janelle calls the meeting and vetoes herself. Mike nominates George, who's wearing his big sombrero and his "Anyone For An Alliance?" shirt. I think George may be redefining "hiding in plain sight," here, people, with "plain" being an understatement. George, in good spirits, takes his place next to James. Janelle ends the meeting. James says that he doesn't like being nominated, but he does feel safe. George says that Mike didn't really have much of a choice but to nominate him, and he tries to always assume he's going to be nominated, because that way, you're not bummed when it happens. Aw.


Previously: Howie was booted. James and Chicken George were up. Will? Still evil.

Julie reminds us where we stand. It's almost time for the eviction, and she wonders aloud whether James will be "another Howie." I think that is highly unlikely, absent weight gain and a bad hairdo.

We see the PoV ceremony in blue and white, and then we are with James, who says George should be on his way out, but of course, you never take anything for granted in the game until the game is over. Good point. James has certainly said that enough times; I hope he means it. For his part, George says that he doesn't feel like campaigning for votes. He's going to just be normal, enjoy himself, hope for the best, and pack his bags. I know people who have approached their relationships the same way, so there's precedent for this.

James and Danielle have a chat about whether he'll be able to stay. Danielle says she's "concerned about that." Her concern, of course, makes James concerned. Later, Will talks to Danielle, and he breaks it to her that he's feeling like he can't trust James. Danielle swears that James is with the LOD plan, but Will warily says he thinks that James might be with "the 'Janelle wins HoH' plan." Danielle asks Will what exactly he's suggesting, and Will very casually opens up the idea, as softly as he can, that maybe the time has come to cut James loose. Danielle agrees that they need to talk to James about all the time he spends talking to Janelle, but that's as far as she's going. Will says James isn't going to tell them. "I think he's just double dipping," Will says. Does Danielle say, "Well, Will, you've been double dipping yourself, since you spend about 80% of your time with Janelle"? She does not. You can throw that on your pile of missed opportunities for other people to reveal that Dr. Evil has no clothes. Figuratively, of course. Literally, I have no idea.

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