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In the DR, an unhappy Danielle talks about how James went up as a pawn, and all of a sudden, she's hearing all this stuff about Will not being comfortable with James. You can kind of tell that she sees it coming, which at least makes her smarter than most of the rest of the people in the house. "If Boogie and Will pull something and James walks out the door, God help them," she says. What's weird is that she looks totally serious, like she's talking about what she would do to people who beat up her children or burned down her house. It's just...yeah, weird, and it makes it look like Danielle is coming undone.

Danielle and Erika have a talk in the red room. Erika says she doesn't trust either of the people who are up, but that she's more unhappy about James winning competitions. Danielle argues that James's famous throwing of the PoV competition should count for something, and Erika reminds Danielle that he did that for Danielle, not for Erika. And: exactly. Erika tells us that Danielle will probably vote to keep James, but she finds it very scary to keep George. Danielle tells us that Erika will probably vote out James, and that Mike and Will are concerned about James, but for her, protecting James still makes sense. "I feel like I need to do something," Danielle says.

Later, Danielle and Janelle are playing cards outside, when Danielle proposes a truce. Just one week. I'm not sure what that means in this context, really, nor do I understand what effect it's supposed to have on this vote, which is Danielle's current problem. In the diary room, Janelle says that she didn't know what to say, so she said yes. Janelle then says that she's learned to be honest with people who are honest with her, and to "lie to the enemy." I don't even know how she thinks that applies to this situation. She so rarely makes sense to me. Danielle tells Janelle some weird thing about how she knows when people are "floaters," and they follow power, and she totally confuses Janelle. Seriously, Danielle is being way too subtle for Janelle here. Janelle interprets this as a statement that Danielle wants to go after Mike and Will; I'm not convinced that's even what she means. I think sometimes, people say these things that are fraught with meaning, and the meaning that's taken isn't even the one they're supposed to be fraught with. This is one of my fears about this kind of conversation -- I'm always afraid I'll nod prematurely, and the person won't give me some crucial piece of information that would have proved my guess was wrong. Danielle does say in the DR that she needs to break up Mike and Will at some point. It still makes no sense to call them "floaters," but whatever.

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