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James and Janelle have a chat. She's busy reading the Bible, which happens because it's the only book they're allowed to have. Fortunately, they never allow its teachings about humanity or generosity to affect their behavior or attitudes in any way. James whispers to her that they always seem to fight, and they're the only two left from their alliance. James tells her he thinks Erika is voting to keep George. Janelle says that she's voting to keep James. James leaves this little chat, then tells us that his third vote, in addition to Janelle and Danielle, is supposed to come from Will. He says he feels confident, but you can tell that the confidence is shaky at best. He heads outside for a chat with Will, who's lifting weights, despite the fact that he really doesn't look as much like a gym guy as he did a few years back. James asks whether he's going to be caught off-guard like Howie, and Will reassures him that he has nothing to worry about. In fact, Will says it doesn't even matter what Janelle or Erika does, because he has three votes with Will, Mike, and Danielle. Will tells him not to worry. James, to his credit, looks very worried.

Will and Danielle talk quietly near the bathroom. He tells her he won't do anything they don't talk about ahead of time. "I'm not getting crazy," he says. He is, however, worried about James. "I can't have you guys do that," Danielle says of the possibility of booting James, and Will -- who usually presses his ideas over time rather than necessarily insisting on getting his way all at once -- immediately says, "Okay." He tells her, though, that he still thinks James is "double dipping" -- clinging to the LOD while also hanging on to Janelle. Danielle tells Will that James looked her in the eye and said he was still with the plan. In the DR, Danielle is crying (?) as she talks about how important it is for James to stay. She is officially taking this game way too much to heart. "He cannot walk out this door," she whimpers. She says she's frustrated by her inability to keep it from happening. Back in the bathroom, Will tells her he doesn't want her to be upset, because it will make him upset. Considering that he appears to have anti-freeze where you or I would have blood, I doubt that he explodes with sympathy in such a situation.

Upstairs in the HoH, Will tells Mike that he's been bringing up the James thing to Danielle. Mike thinks maybe they need to back off getting rid of James, but Will says it's too late -- having expressed doubts to Danielle, they're going to be right in James's line of fire if he doesn't leave now. Will tells Mike this will be either the decision that dooms him, or the decision that helps them go a long way in the game. In the DR, Will says he thinks James needs to leave. Danielle's reaction is the big issue, though, and something to really watch out for. He tells Mike the same thing.

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