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Julie takes us to the living room. Julie asks Mike about the way Howie got up in his face before he left the house. Does Mike think it would have gotten physical if James hadn't stepped in? "I sure hope not; the guy's got about forty pounds on me," Mike says. "It's the heat of the moment," Mike says. "If I sold light sabers for a living, I'd be full of anger, too." This brings an extremely loud and surprised laugh, which I originally thought came from Will, but I'm pretty sure it's actually George. I think Will probably finds that more sad than funny. Asked if he feels guilty about Howie, George says that he does, a little bit, but he also says that it's a game. To his credit, George has said the same thing when he was on the block himself, so he has a little more credibility than most. Then, Julie moves on to Janelle, asking her about all the crying and how she's doing. She says she's all better. I wish they would at least feel obligated to give a little bit of dirt when they know we're all sitting here at home with nothing to do.

Julie tells us that tonight, there will be a live eviction, and there will be only four votes. Will, Danielle, Erika, and Janelle. Oh, and: soon, we will be seeing the jury house. How great that's going to be. Marcellas and Howie. I think I've had that dream, only I was also being poked with pins and given electric shocks. I don't remember it as a nice dream.

When we return, Julie says that it's time to look to the jury house. We watch as Marcellas approaches a gorgeous villa and makes himself at home. "Welcome to my banishment," he says. "My own personal hell." It is ridiculously beautiful, but Marcellas is focused on how obnoxious the rest of the houseguests will be with an infinity pool to play with. Heh. Marcellas continues with his paradise pity party, saying that he's not happy about being stranded, but at least he's alone. He anticipates having an entire week to himself, in which he can relax and mellow out before anyone else shows up. "I'm going to try to work on not being bitter this week," he says. I do believe that will take longer than a week. Maybe he'll be ready to welcome next year's cast. We watch him run happily in the waves as he explains that if he has a good week, then by the time anyone shows up, he'll be able to be friendly. "Dear God in heaven," he says, "I hope it's not Howie." Cut to several scenes in which Howie, back at the house, bugged the crap out of Marcellas. "Howie walking through this door a week from today would be my absolute nightmare," Marcellas tells us solemnly.

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