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Then: the caption reads, "24 Hours Later." Marcellas is inside playing cards quietly when he hears a voice from the above balcony say, "Ultimate betrayal." "Nooooooo!" Marcellas hollers. "Damn," he interviews. "Paradise has just been lost." Howie, on the other hand, says that even though he evicted him last week, "Marci's not a bad guy." Marcellas seems for a minute to be warming up to Howie, but then he tells us that if he could swim to the United States, he'd be happy to battle the sharks just to get away from Howie. Howie shows Marcellas the tape from his (Howie's) eviction, explaining to us that this is the footage of him losing to a "fat ugly chicken," being nominated, being voted out, and so forth. As Marcellas watches the nominations of James and Erika, he crinkles his forehead and wonders what nominating Erika and James was supposed to accomplish. Considering that George is still there and you're not, dear, I think you have to assume your days of expounding on his lack of strategy ought to be just about...over.

Howie fixates on talking about how ugly Erika looks on television, and then on how ugly George is in general. Marcellas mentions that maybe Howie could think about something for a minute other than how everyone looks, which is pretty amusing, given old-school Marcellas's tendency to critique what everyone was wearing. "Howie is a bully," Marcellas says. "Howie is abrasive. Howie is disrespectful." Together, they watch Howie being nominated and evicted, and then they watch Howie's obnoxious exit, complete with the pitiful effort to start a fight with Mike. Marcellas looks on in horror, and then tells us, "The man's a pig." Howie throws in a few more comments about how fat George is and how ugly Mike is, because that soothes the hurt over losing, I guess. Then he interviews that since he's been evicted, "the party is just beginning in paradise." When Howie continues to needle Marcellas while they watch the tape, Marcellas finally says, "Howie, stop calling me 'Marci.' I don't like it. We're not in the house anymore. I don't have to be nice to you. My name is Marcellas." "Sorry, Marjealous," Howie says. I kind of admire Marcellas for not putting his foot through Howie's face at this point, because Howie's pretty much openly taking Marcellas's lunch money here, which is a great way to get your ass beat up.

Julie promises more about "showmances" when we come back. Well, that's good. I'm awfully busy, and that will save me that trip to the vomitorium.

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