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Julie says that we're about to find out whether James will be sent home, or whether George will go instead. In the DR, Erika says that it's hard to ally yourself with George, because he's hard to predict. Danielle says James needs to stay, because he's the only one she trusts. Janelle says that she has some loyalty to James, but she doesn't really trust him, because he hasn't had her best interests in mind. Will says James is a much bigger physical and strategic threat than George. Danielle is all weepy again as she says that for their own good, Mike and Will had better not send James out. Big talk. "I will get rid of them one by one," she says. "Mark my words." Can you get rid of two people "one by one"? Or is that more "one then one"?

We come back to Julie, who reminds us that James tried to get George out early in the game. But what will happen now? And will anyone care? Julie tells the houseguests in the living room that the power is expired, so now, they can move to the live vote. But first! The nominees have a chance to address the rest of the group. James goes first. He thanks America for voting him in, which I still don't even entirely believe happened. He says that some people are there to make America like them, and some are playing for votes in sequester. He is there "to play the game." He says that he's "a competitor," and he wants to stay. George says that he wants to thank everyone for keeping him there. And also "cool beans," because he can't even think of his own catch phrase, so he thought he'd borrow Nakomis's.

Now, the voting. Erika is up first. In the DR, she votes to evict James. Will steps in next, and he, too, votes to evict James. Danielle goes next, and she unsurprisingly votes to evict George. She just looks way too damn fragile right now. It's kind of freaky. Janelle steps into the DR, and she votes to evict...James. Julie turns to those of us at home to tell us that James is out, and then she goes to the living room. She says that by a vote of 3-1, James is out. George looks really surprised. I think he was not as aware of the complexities of this vote as others were. James seems good-spirited, though, and he hugs everyone warmly on the way out. Wouldn't you rather be him than Howie? I know I would. They all give him a round of genuine, non-sarcastic applause on his exit. He's smiling as he cruises out of the house, down the steps, and over to Julie. "It's not nice to see you again," he chuckles. I wish he were more likable, because he can be really cute.

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