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Julie asks James what's going through his head. He says he likes the fact that he was booted by Will, Mike, and Janelle, because they're great players. He also says that at first, he had a really bad attitude, and he took it all too seriously, but later, he started having fun. For example, this week, when he attempted to get Janelle arrested for assaulting him and taking his dolly, that was really fun. And it wouldn't have been possible if he'd kept taking everything so seriously. Julie does her usual routine this season, which is basically, "But enough about you. Let's talk about what you've said about Janelle." She reminds him of several unkind comments he's made about Janelle. I'm kind of sick of this whole thing. People have said a lot of rotten things about each other, including Janelle, who has talked a lot of shit herself. I don't need the demand that I feel sorry for Rupert -- I mean, Janelle -- to be shoved up my nose with quite this much force. At any rate, James says that Janelle threw him "under the bus" in the first couple of weeks, so he was mad at her to begin with. Julie asks about the future of the S6 friendship, given that he betrayed everyone. James: "[Self-justifying explanation.]" Julie: "[Platitude.]"

Goodbye messages. James chuckles good-naturedly at George. Janelle thanks him for playing "more honestly" this time. Erika smiles as she says there can only be one "great floater," and it had to be her, so he had to go. Again, James smiles. Mike tries to make some headway by saying that he really wanted to go to F4 with the LOD squad, and plants the seed that Will was the one who wanted James out, likely because he thinks this might get him a vote. Little does Mike know, that's exactly what Will is going to say. "Don't blame anyone but me," Will says with what appears to be friendliness. "I was intimidated by you because you're such a phenomenal player." He adds that he was concerned that James wasn't really playing for the team. "The teacher never teaches the student all the tricks, and I had to keep this one last trick up my sleeve." This makes James smile. Danielle boo-hoos, but James doesn't seem all that impressed by that part. "Chill Town has not seen the bad side of me yet," she vows. "I will take care of them. I guarantee it." Oh, Danielle. Never make guarantees. Asked for final thoughts, James says he thought it was cool that Will was afraid of him. I really wish James had been less of an anger-ball, because he has a certain sort of peculiar charm when he's happy and relaxed.

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