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When we come back, it's time for the HoH competition. This one finds all the houseguests blindfolded and standing on sets of three steps. The game is basically poking fun at Julie's "But First" habit, and what she's going to do is list two events, like this: "A happened, but first, B happened." Meaning, essentially, A happened after B. If it's true, you step up on your steps. If it's false, you step down. Last one out is HoH.

First question knocks out nobody. The second question is really easy (grim reaper before prom), but it knocks out George and Janelle. Third question does in Will and Danielle, so that will do it for this competition, and Erika is HoH. She takes the HoH key from Mike, who starts teasing Will about losing another competition. Will stands around with his arms crossed like he's pissed off about losing. I don't think so.

When we get back, Julie breaks it to George that they had fried chicken and beer waiting for him if he got evicted. She asks him if he'd rather be out with the food or in the game, and he actually looks like he hesitates before saying he wants to stay in. George also informs us that he's lost twenty pounds basically eating only slop. I'll bet. Julie also asks Janelle about being the last person left from S6, and Janelle first says it feels good, then she says it doesn't feel good, because she's trying to figure out the right answer rather than actually answering the question. Danielle takes advantage of a question about being away from home to mention that "sometimes you don't think the game's worth it." Yes, we get it. You are upset. You have been betrayed. Yap yap yap.

Tune in next week for further adventures in moral trailblazing.

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