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We are reminded in blue and white of Geroge's HoH victory. He tells us in the DR that he can't believe he got the victory. I think he probably doesn't even mind that he's going to be HoH for about thirty seconds. In the DR, Danielle can't believe she lost to George. It's kind like a Colbert-ian "I lost to Barry Manilow!" thing, which is officially the last time you will hear me compare Chicken George and Barry Manilow. Janelle says that she was happy the HoH was George instead of Danielle; Erika says the precise opposite. Erika remains convinced George is smarter than he looks. Danielle promises us that she didn't throw the competition, and would have no reason to want George for HoH. She says George is "the most scariest" person playing right now. "You know why?" she asks, and then she rearranges herself and looks directly into the camera. "Nobody knows what he's doing." That, actually, is a good point. Probably overthinking, but a good point. George really is another example of one of those people on a vote-out show -- similar to Lydia, Rudy, and Cirie -- who last past an early threat or two, and then you turn around and they've hung around for another ten weeks. And then it's the finale, and all your shows are ending at the same time, and every finale is like six hours long, and...okay, that might just apply to me.

We are also reminded of the James and Erika nominations, and of how unhappy George was that he had to make them right away. For one thing, he was deprived of his suck-up time, which is one of the major advantages of being HoH in the first place. You wouldn't want to be the ambassador to Bermuda if they changed the rules so you had to live at a landlocked Motel 6. George DRs that nominating James was easy, but not so much nominating Erika. He says the "true target" is, of course, James. Danielle claims that the nominations surprised everyone, because the rest of the house wants Janelle or Howie out, so she's not sure what George could have been thinking. James says that he's guessing George nominated him because he nominated George. Fair enough. Erika wants to talk to George and figure out what the deal is, because she's not sure what this is all supposed to be accomplishing. "Who's the target?" she wonders. It's so interesting to me that everyone assumes now that you nominate one person you want out, and one person you think other people won't vote against. I think there was a time when people saw the second nomination as a chance to put up another person you'd like to see out, instead of a chance to control which one went. Pawns are the rule now, I guess.

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