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Erika and George go into the red bedroom. He immediately tells her that he had no choice but to nominate James. "I owed him," he says. I'm not sure why he believes that Erika's agenda at this point would be to ask why he nominated James. George goes on to tell Erika that he doesn't want her out; he wants her to stay. He repeats that the idea is to get rid of James. Erika is not pleased to be on the block again, I'm sure, but she shrugs it off.

In another bedroom, James is not so mellow. "It's on, fat man," he says. When Howie wanders in, James says, "Dude, your Jedi alliance-mate, he's a goner." Howie claims not to understand what George is doing. "He's got two days of power, and then his ass is mine," James intones. Those two guys -- they sure do have the place wired! Gonna be a big power week for Howie and James! George is going to regret this!

Mike, Danielle, and James then chat in the exercise room, and Mike says that it was the worst possible thing to have George do nominations right away, because they didn't get a chance to talk to him. As you know, once Mike works on you, you're his for life. Especially if you are a fungus. Which I'm sure you aren't. Mike says in the DR that George is a "wild card," and what he might do is hard to predict. In the gym, Mike tells James and Danielle that they might be able to get George to nominate Janelle in the event they can get someone vetoed off the block, which is happening practically every week now, after all. Danielle doesn't understand why George would do that, and James tells her they ought to threaten him with James's very own wrath by assuring him that James isn't going, but will instead stay and turn his anger on George. I love the idea of a skinny dude who looks like he's in tenth grade being like, "Tell him I'll kick his ass!" Especially when he's saying it about an old guy who will, in all likelihood, be wearing a sombrero or possibly underpants on his head at the time he receives this warning.

I'll pause and give you time to develop that mental image.

Anyway, Danielle says no; George will never put up Janelle. James persists, suggesting that they tell George the whole house wanted Janelle out. Danielle does admit in the DR that a "back-dooring" of Janelle would be a great development, much as she generally abhors such tactics, because "then she's done." But I think Danielle knows that that's probably not going to happen, and that's why she keeps trying to shoot this down before it even gets started.

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