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James has a tense, smugness-driven conversation with George upstairs in the HoH, in which he assures George that unlike Marcellas, he will be using the veto to save himself. He impatiently asks if George wants to say anything about possible replacement nominees. James calls his a "very important decision," and tells us in the DR that he hopes George will make a big play. He tells George that it's a chance to find out what he can do. Erika comes to talk to George next. She tells him that the time has come for him to take on an ally. Specifically, she's thinking of...herself! He asks her whether it would be the safest thing for her if he put up Janelle. "Janelle or Howie, for sure," she says. George says he's willing to make a deal with Erika. "From now on, I'll work with you," he says. "You've got yourself a deal," she says. "Done." They shake on it. He tells Erika that the game really sucks, and she gives him one of the most awkward hugs I've ever seen. She looks like she's hugging a statue made of rotten meat as part of a challenge on Fear Factor.

Mike pays a visit to the HoH next. George says in the DR that this was like "the principal's office," what with everyone coming and going all day. I say we give everyone a detention, George. Detention! For everyone! Mike, of course, is still pushing Janelle as a replacement nominee, telling George that the next HoH competition will sit much more easily without her. George says that he knows what he has to do, but this appears to mean he has absolutely no idea what to do. Then Will comes up, and he tells George that he has "an unconventional suggestion." He says, "You could put me up, and then everyone would send Erika out." Will grins as he says this, but George doesn't want this kind of complication. "What are you doing, Doctor?" he asks with his head in his hands. I think George prefers not to operate on four levels of trickery, because he gets a headache. Will tells George that he thinks this is the best way to keep Janelle and Danielle fighting with each other, which is good for everyone else. Will DRs that getting George to put him up could be a great move, and if it doesn't work, at least he'd leave by his own doing.

Later, George chats with Janelle and Howie. He tells Janelle that everyone, including James, wants her out. But he also says that he just wouldn't feel right about that. Somehow, it goes against his principles. This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of. Because she's good at competitions, it's immoral to nominate her? Dude. Not getting nominated is already your reward for winning competitions. She already got her due for all those times that she won competitions in dumpster-diving and trivia. This entire thing makes absolutely no sense to me. In effect, he's saying that trying to eliminate a good player is wrong, meaning that competing is against his principles, meaning that I don't understand why he's here. There's no "principle" that says if someone is a good pitcher, you don't try to get a hit out of respect. It's ridiculous. He goes on to get even weirder by telling Janelle and Howie that in return for not putting her up, he wants to align himself with them. Without very many choices, they obviously agree to this arrangement. He also says that they have to do one other thing, which is to promise to vote to "keep Erika in the house." In other words, I guess, they have to promise that whoever else he puts up, they'll vote that person out. "Are you going to try to sell me out, Georgie, or no?" Howie asks. George says no, and repeats that everybody wants Janelle out. Janelle agrees to vote to keep Erika. "Of course me and Howie are going to say anything; our asses are on the line," she says in the DR, as if it's completely obvious that she would tell George whatever he wanted to hear, whether it was true or not. I love how people like Janelle and Marcellas get all pouty and appalled when anyone lies to them, but they'll tell you in the DR quite freely that they say whatever they have to in order to protect themselves. Of course! What's inconsistent about that, right?

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