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Now, Erika pays George another visit, and she wants to know what he's thinking he's going to do about the replacement nominee. "You don't want to know," he says. She tells him that she does, too, want to know, and now they have their whole pinky-swear thing going with the Hug of Awkwardness. What gives, baby? Why don't you give me some love? George swears Erika to secrecy. Then: "I'm going to put Will up," he tells her. Erika freaks. She knows immediately that if Will goes up, she'll go home, and she's right. George tells her that he has secured the votes to keep her. I think George sees it playing out like this: the votes would be Mike, James, Danielle, Howie, and Janelle. He figures he can't get Mike or James, but Danielle won't boot Erika, and he just got Howie and Janelle to promise they wouldn't boot her either. So he sees three votes to get rid of Will. Will! See what just happened? Unassuming George, who everyone treats as inert and dumb and incapable of doing anything notable in the game, is officially the first person to put together a real, genuine plan designed to get rid of Will. No, Chicken George is the first person to move against Will. He is! Erika is gravely concerned. She tells George that Howie and Janelle will say anything to save themselves, and she also says that Janelle will never vote out Will. "She loves him; she's in love with him." George says that he's going to take a bath and think about it. That's where I do my best thinking, too. A lot of times, I think about calling in sick to work.

Erika goes to talk to Mike and Danielle in the red room. "He's thinking of putting up Will," she says, immediately breaking her promise to George not to tell anyone what he's thinking. "WHAT?" asks a shocked and angry Mike. He is baffled at the fact that he isn't getting what he wants. "Why in the have the whole house telling you one thing; you have Beauty and the Beast telling you another. I mean, do the math, dude." Okay, I'll take a shot. There are eight people in the house. Of those people, two (Mike and Erika) have argued to put up Howie or Janelle. Two (Howie and Janelle) have argued to do something else. James was cagey, and Will suggested himself. "The whole house" didn't tell him one thing; two people did. That's not the "whole house." Danielle says that George would have been out if not for Will and Mike getting Marcellas put up instead. "Does he understand that?" she asks. I'm not sure why that matters at all. "The fact that Chicken George is protecting Janelle and Howie annoyed me on many levels," Mike says in the DR. I know just how he feels about being annoyed on many levels; my annoyance with him is beginning to look like one of those jars with layers of colored sand. On the bottom is his name, and then his taste in music, and then his shirts, and then his attitude, and then his smile, and then his hats, can see what I mean. Erika reminds Mike not to let on that she told about this idea, because she promised George she wouldn't. "But I will remind him that you reap what you sow," Mike says, not wanting to give up on the one saying he has now committed to memory. I have to tell you, someday I will provide more detail, but it turns out that this one saying is more than Trash knows. If you ever meet her, get her to tell you the story where the punch line is "A wolf in Grandpa's sheepskin rubber." I still think I may have been Punk'd with that one.

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