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James contemplates the wall of photos as he tells us that the only person with anything to decide right now is George. He says that he hopes George will put up Janelle so they can get rid of her.

Later, as everyone sits around the red room waiting for the veto meeting, Mike decides to start some shit. He says that he's just going to come right out and say that if George is thinking of putting up Will, Mike isn't going to let his game "be sacrificed" by not saying anything. Erika's, of course, is a different story. Mike goes on to say that he'd like to know why George would nominate Will. Mike says in the DR that George is highly suggestible, and that he hoped to be the last person to talk to George before the ceremony. George goes on to present his absurd argument that it's "not fair" to nominate Janelle when she's played so well. Again, this is facially ridiculous, and makes no sense unless you believe competition itself is unethical. Being nominated is part of the game just as much as competing in HoH or veto competitions, and it makes no sense to offer a free pass on one part of the game as a reward for playing another part well. You can decide to do that, but it has nothing to do with being "fair," and it certainly has nothing to do with principle. There's no principle that says, or could logically say, that. I'm uneasy with the fact that I'm becoming the poster child for arguing in favor of the irrelevance of integrity, but you can't fight the moonlight, you know? Mike says that there's a whole room full of possible nominees -- why Will? "I figure the doctor's the best player in the game," George says, choosing not to go with "he told me to." "I'm flattered," Will says to Mike.

Will now explains that he did indeed go to George last night and ask to be nominated. As he puts it, his mistake was that he "forgot to tell Mike Boogie." He says that Mike is very protective of him, and didn't take the news well that he might be nominated. It's bullshit that Will "forgot" to tell him, of course. Will would never "forget" to mention that. What happened is that Will didn't want to tell Mike that he did anything so obviously calculated to get rid of Erika, because Will isn't quite admitting to Mike yet that their interests have diverged, and he'd like to get Mike's closest ally other than himself out of the house. He's happy to have Mike think that they're all united in trying to get rid of Will's closest ally instead. It's also bullshit that Mike was just being "protective." He certainly doesn't want to be put in the position of choosing between Erika and Will and showing his hand. Everybody following? Good. I barely am.

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