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When All Else Fails, Try Bribery

After Renny's nomination of Jerry and April, they both take it differently. Jerry talks about how he was in the Marines at 17 and big boys don't cry, and all that macho bullshit, while April emotionally admits in the Diary Room that it stings a little. Guess which one of them I believe? Ollie's just glad that he succeeded in convincing Renny not to put the two showmancers up against each other.

Dan is disappointed enough in the nominations that he suspects Ollie made a secret deal with Renny. In the storage room, he and Memphis realize that if Ollie or April wins this week's Power of Veto competition, Renny is likely to put up either Memphis or Dan. Too bad Dan throws all his competitions. Or "throws" them, as the case may be.

Ollie's already thinking one step ahead, assuring a tearful April that if he wins PoV, he'll save her. Well, duh. Ollie tells her not to get down, and she tells him that she's only looking sad for everyone else's benefit. They almost get into a whisper-fight over it, but it's done quickly. Too bad.

Keesha comes to visit Renny, trying to figure out what she's thinking. Keesha's got those annoyed-ears she gets sometimes. She needs to work on not doing that. Renny just says she likes Ollie, and Keesha nervously DRs that depending on who wins the PoV, Renny's replacement nominee could be Memphis, Dan or even Keesha herself. And Renny doesn't help any when she tells Keesha that people shouldn't feel overly safe.

Jerry lies in bed talking to himself. That is all.

Time now for the PoV drawing. Of course Head of Household Renny and nominees April and Jerry are in by default. Renny draws Dan, April draws Keesha, and Jerry draws Ollie, much to the apparent pleasure of both him and April. Renny appoints Michelle as host, and April and Ollie dash right off to celebrate the results of the drawing like they've already won the PoV. Don't get too comfortable yet, you two.

And Memphis and Dan sit with Keesha and complain about Renny's nominations, and how it has created the possibility of a worst-case scenario where Ollie wins PoV. Memphis is completely over Renny at this point. Keesha's going to have to choose between them before long, and I have to say I don't see Renny winning that match-up. Unless "winning" means "having Keesha ditch you," which I am not necessarily ruling out, mind you.

For the Veto competition, the houseguests go into the backyard at night and find it totally Halloweened out. Of course, the scariest part to Ollie is the big fake crow. Michelle is wearing a reaper cloak and red dye and fake cobwebs in her hair as she instructs the PoV players to examine the setting for five minutes. When the time's up, the six PoV players take position behind podiums as Michelle explains that the goal is to earn three points, which they'll do by guessing amounts of different stuff in the yard. There's some unnecessarily complicated stuff about staying and folding, but the surprising thing is that the phrase "without going over" doesn't seem to play a part in this competition. Heads will roll, I'm sure.

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