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When All Else Fails, Try Bribery

The first challenge is to estimate the length in inches of the giant python in the yard (alas, it's in a tank, and thus will not smother anyone). After everyone shares their guess, and they all get to hear each others', each player has the option to stay or fold. Only Jerry and Renny stay, and Jerry wins the point while Renny has to drop out. Then they have to guess the total number of pins stuck in all of the voodoo dolls of the houseguests. My guess: "Not nearly enough." Jerry, April, and Keesha stay on their guesses, but Jerry's the closest and he's got two points. The good news is that April's guess is the wrongest, so she's out, leaving only Ollie playing for her. On the next question, they have to guess how many giant cockroaches are inside a black box that Keesha declined to stick her hand into during the preparation phase. While we wait for the bids to be written, Dan DRs that this is a good time for him to quit throwing competitions, lest someone else win PoV and he winds up as a replacement nominee himself. You think?

Keesha, Dan and Ollie stick with their bids, but Jerry has enough of a lead that he feels safe folding and letting someone else get the point rather than risk elimination. Which is too bad for him, because he would have been the closest. Dan wins the point, and Keesha's out. Next they have to estimate the volume of blood in various containers on a table. Dan DRs about reading his competitors' tells, and when he stays and they both fold, he wins his second point by default. Ollie's feeling the pressure, with April's forehead in its angry-Klingon configuration and pointed directly at his zero-point-having ass. For the next question, they have to guess the number of nails in a bed of nails. All three players stay with their guesses, but Dan's the closest, so he wins PoV. Jerry regrets having been one "stay" from winning it, and Ollie is also feeling bad about letting April down. Uh, April lost too there, champ. She DRs that she'll do whatever it takes to get Dan to save her. Dan DRs that Renny "messed up" the nominations, and now he might have to use the PoV to fix it.

At bedtime, April and Ollie lie in bed whispering about what they're going to do to secure Dan's veto of her nomination. April recalls the $5,000 in gold bars she has from her share of the $10,000 prize in a PoV competition from a few weeks ago, which she decides to offer to Dan. "Jerry's going home," Ollie assures her. Of course they don't know that Dan already has his 20 grand in America's Player money. And didn't Jerry get a share of that as well? He might just offer Dan thirty pieces of silver, and then all bets are off.

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