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When All Else Fails, Try Bribery

In case you missed it, Dan is considering using the veto on Jerry in order to force Renny to put up Ollie. He's failing to take into account the fact that Renny kind of has it in for Memphis as well. But in any case, he decides to have a private meeting with Jerry in the storage room to find out if Jerry still hates him and plans to take him out the next chance he gets (which will be never, but Dan is nothing if not a careful player). Of course now that Jerry's on the block and Dan's got the PoV, Jerry apologizes for the things he said last week and throws himself on Dan's mercy. Dan is seriously considering turning his one remaining enemy into a friend. Which sounds like a good idea, if he doesn't in the process turn a friend into an enemy. But we're getting ahead of ourselves.

Later, Dan and Memphis discuss their next move, and they agree that Ollie needs to go, if only for their own protection. Good luck with that.

Dan has decided that it's time for a haircut, so of course he goes to the alleged hair salon owner in the house. Yikes. Can you imagine anything worse than having access to one hair stylist, and having it be Renny? But she just wants to come at him with the clippers without talking about what she's going to do first. He prays while she cuts until she threatens to "scalp the crap out of [him]." Maybe it would have been a good idea for Dan to at least wait until she wasn't HoH any more. But he's happy with the end result, and we can start being distracted anew by the gelled-up breaking-wave look he keeps showing off in the Diary Room.

The smaller dining room table has been moved in, which has the typical banal yet profound effect on everyone save Renny. Referring to the old, larger table, she unsentimentally says, "It was a bitch to dust." Hear, hear. Although if it was getting that dusty, maybe they aren't eating often enough.

April makes her approach to Dan while he's lounging in the pool. Not sure what's been taking her so long, unless it was just the editing. They talk a little about his contentious history with Jerry, and April says that if he uses the veto on her, he'll have the benefit of having two people watching Dan's back (her and Ollie) which is better than just one (Jerry). I guess that all depends on how many knives Dan wants in there. April makes a clumsy offer of some cash, and then Dan goes off-script by coming out and asking if Ollie and Renny made a deal. Taken off-guard, April says she doesn't think so. It's weird to hear her being both truthful and correct at the same time. Anyway, Dan says he'll think about it. I think he has a macro for that at this point.

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