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When All Else Fails, Try Bribery

But before Dan makes a decision, he tells Memphis that he needs to talk to Renny first about who her replacement nominee would be. When he visits the HoH room, he keeps clanging his PoV medallion against the edge of her glass tabletop as he sits down. He starts by asking if she made a deal with Ollie, and she rather coldly says it's just that she likes Ollie. Dan asks her what she'd do if he took Jerry off the block. Renny acts like she never even considered the possibility, and the only answer she gives is, "I'd probably look at you as a traitor." Dan warns her that she needs to start thinking about who she can trust, and she says she trusts Dan -- to keep the nominations the same. But she's giving him this scary, threatening glare that says, "I can always reset my clippers to 'carotid.'"

With the PoV ceremony coming up. April's worst fear is seeing Jerry vetoed and Ollie put up in his place, which she thinks would certainly result in her eviction. Jerry dares to hope that what might happen is just that. Dan calls the veto meeting and lets Jerry go first in his defense. Jerry basically says "I'm old, I have illusions of myself as a street fighter, I'm sorry I called you Judas." April says that she respects Renny's nominations, and doesn't expect Dan to use the veto. That is actually a brilliant strategy on April's part -- if Keesha had the PoV. Before making his decision, Dan says how much he appreciated each of them coming to him to talk. Especially the money offer. But he is...not using the veto.

Afterward, Dan DRs that he used the veto ceremony to make people paranoid about the whole money thing. Jerry says something about being in the eye of the storm. Ollie DRs that since his plan to de-nominate April didn't work, he's going to have to get to work on saving her from the eviction vote. April herself is realistic about her chances for staying, and has a plan all ready to go: "I'm going to be a total bitch!" Wow, you think she can pull it off?

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