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Season 15: First Live Eviction

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Party On, Dude

Aaryn goes outside, where Jeremy and Spencer are sitting and says that everyone is losing it and mad at her because she drank the wine. She claims it wasn't her idea, and Jeremy throws himself on the sword and says it was all him. She stirs the pot and says that they are so mean to her, when no one said anything. She says that everyone needs a smackdown and she's sick of them. Jeremy goes into the kitchen, takes the blame and Aaryn stands behind him with her arms crossed like a little kid who just tattled to her teacher and got her way. Even if I hadn't known about her live-feed behavior, I'd be inclined to want to smack this bitchy girl. Helen says that no one said anything, but ignores her and says that if they are gonna be mean, he's going to be mean right back. Then he says Amanda was in on it, but she'll deny it and we see Amanda walking down the stares looking baffled at hearing her name. As she should. After Tweedledum and Tweedlebitch walk out of the kitchen, Elissa comments that Aaryn was right behind him the whole time, and Andy says that Aaryn's the head of the snake and Jeremy is the "ridiculous hulking body of the snake." Perhaps Aaryn should have showmanced with Jeremy instead of David... maybe that's kind of a spoiler for the end of the episode.

Outside by the hot tub, Aaryn is just so thrilled that Jeremy went off on the people who have been talking behind their backs all week. Really? And she proclaims that she won't stop until all of the jerks are out of the house, while waving her hands like she's Richard Nixon saying he's not a crook. She complains to Jeremy that "they" are so two-faced because they looked confused at Jeremy's random rant. She also says she's not sorry. Then Amanda comes out of the house angry that she was brought into this mess. Jeremy tells her to "shut up and listen." Class act, this guy. Amanda tells him that's disrespectful. So he changes his tact to "be quiet and listen." Major improvement, moron. He says that he came out and people were talking smack about Aaryn drinking the wine and he continues to perpetuate the myth that he drank it all. Helen's inside crying that Amanda is fighting this battle for her and she says she would never raise boys that treated people so poorly. Amanda is screaming at Jeremy that other people drank, he says no. I'm not why she's bothering with this meathead. Then he threatens to bring out his Native American roots and start throwing spears at buffalo (by which he means he's ready to play the game). He adds that this house is only going to get worse in the next few weeks, and this might be the most accurate thing he's ever said.

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