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Season 15: First Live Eviction

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Party On, Dude

When we come back from the break, we're done with the fighting apparently, and have moved on to seeing how the strangest showmance of the season has started. Amanda decides that McCrae seems like the most normal guy (and she may be right) and goes up to his HOH room, crawls in bed with him, takes off her bra and generally makes him incredibly nervous and confused. He calls her a maneater, and looks slightly terrified/excited. She does ask if he's just lying about being a pizza delivery boy, thinking he may be Doogie Howser or something, and he just basks in the glory of getting lucky (with some possible undercover handjobs according to feed watchers) with a gorgeous and successful older woman with giant boobs.

Aaryn assures David that he's safe and that Elissa is going home. While outside we see Judd, Spencer and Amanda figuring out finally that if Elissa is going to continuously win MVP, that they can get her on their side and use that to get someone nominated that they want on a weekly basis. Amanda says that Elissa, "isn't the sharpest botox needle on the tray" but that she's related to someone who is. Good for the editors for finding the most Rachel-looking shot of Elissa ever to accompany this conversation. Spencer has to run this past the Moving Company. He talks to Nick, who then tells Jeremy (who needs extra explanation). Spencer clears the plan by Howard (who has been almost invisible this episode), and then goes upstairs and runs it by McCrae. It's like a lame game of telephone.

Finally, Julie talks to the houseguests in the living room. She starts with Andy and he's tickled to be acknowledged by the Chenbot. He says that the mood of the house has been odd today. Helen gets to talk about the three nominee twist. She also steals Julie's expect the unexpected line. Judd (who is wearing the most awesome bear shirt) talks about how horrible the have-not room has been this year. Candice is just thrilled to be off the block and says she has "remorse" (not the right word) for the people who are sitting on the nominee couch. Next up, the live vote. No chat with McCrae in the HOH room?

Julie reminds us that this is the first time there have been three nominees. Before they vote, there are speeches. Jessie wishes her dad a happy birthday and talks about partying more if she gets to stay. She knows she's on the block with two big targets and it sitting pretty. Elissa says she's been a target since Day 1 and she says it would be smart to keep her around to keep the focus off of everyone else. Stealing from her sister with that move. She then namechecks Brenchel and paraphrases a Rachel quote "no one comes between me and my Big Brother game... not even you McCrae." David thinks he should stay because he's nice and might wear a pink dress again. He's so oblivious.

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