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Season 15: First Live Eviction

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Party On, Dude

Votes go down like this: Amanda, Nick, Spencer, Helen, Howard, Judd and Andy vote to evict David; Aaryn, Jeremy, Candice, Kaitlyn and GinaMarie vote for Elissa. Julie tells Jessie that she's safe with zero votes, and then Julie says that David is the first person evicted. Aaryn looks dumbfounded. There's a big silence as there's clearly some 7-second delay censoring happening. They keep zooming in on Aaryn who looks just so pissed, as the houseguests mill and get bleeped waiting for David's picture fade to gray. Because of the censoring we miss the entire convo happening between Nick and GinaMarie.

Outside, David talks to Julie Chen. She wants to know what happened, and he says that he's smart and likable and people would vote for him to win at the end. Julie Chen is trying so hard not to roll her eyes directly at him. He claims that he had a vibe, because Andy and Helen were treating him differently and acting nervously all week. Julie says that he originally wanted to go on the show for love (maybe he'd have been better off with The Bachelor) and not necessarily the money. He says when he saw Aaryn his heart dropped and she's the kind of girl he's been waiting for his whole life. One that can spell, say bigoted things and doesn't mind that he lives in his parents basement still. He then says he hopes that she didn't vote to evict him, which is the most self-aware thing he's said all season. He says he had a good time, but was bored when there weren't competitions. Julie brings up the veto competition and his lack of spelling prowess, while pretty much laughing in his face. It's great. He says he was going the fastest, but he couldn't pop the bubbles on his chest fast enough.

Now for the goodbye messages: Jeremy says he's sorry and he'll eliminated people on David's behalf; Nick talks about the Moving Company and says that Jeremy was one of the people in that alliance. There is visible confusion on David's face at this news; Amanda -- who might be my personal favorite this season -- says that she's sorry he had to go but that's what happens when you showmance with the biggest bitch in the house. Awesome. Aaryn cries and says he's her best friend in the house. Julie tries to get him to leave, but before she can shake his hand, he asks if he can find out who was MVP and nominated him. Julie won't tell, but assures him that he can go home and watch all the tapes. She thinks he's in for a big surprise. Everything seems to be a big surprise for this guy.

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