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Season 15: First Live Eviction

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Party On, Dude

Time for BB-BBQ, in honor of July 4th. They are out back and Julie tells us that they've been paired up using a random selection during the break. Each team has a giant chili pots filled with barbecue sauce and in front of them there is a greased up floor with a hedge in the middle. At the end are giant plastic jugs and next to the big jug there's a smaller jug, that -- if filled -- will give them a bigger ladle. The teams have one person on the chili pot side of the hedge with a tiny cup, one person on the jug side, and have to skate/shimmy back and forth, transferring their sauce at the hedge. It is unclear with teams of two how an actual HOH will be determined. People look confused, Julie asks for questions, pauses for half-a-second, and then just proceeds. McCrae is just sitting in the corner looking like he's taking a nap. Team Judd and Nick seem to be the only team opting to try and fill up the smaller jug first. People are falling all over the place and this is one of those challenges that goes on well past the end of the episode. Julie reminds us that next week they are returning to their old schedule, with Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday episodes. Weird to switch after a week, but whatever, I'm sure my DVR will figure it out.

If you want to see who won the HOH competition, I highly recommend checking out hamsterwatch. One of the more comprehensive and entertaining feed-aholics out there. And if you want to talk about Big Brother, come join us on the zeebox app in our TV Without Pity Big Brother room where there are clips and conversations before, during and after the episodes.

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