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Slim Just Left Town

Zach DRs that he's already beaten Dick in the "physical" task, now he'd love to beat him in the "mental" task, provided your definition of "mental" involves knowing how Amber or Jen would answer random questions. ...Actually, that sounds like a fine definition of "mental." Meanwhile, Daniele's pouting in her room, because she hasn't done that yet today. She's embarrassed at getting smoked in the competition by her crap-ass dad and...wait for it...she wants to go home. Dick, as always, cheers her up by calling her the prettiest little princess in the land. I'm not even exaggerating; he promises her a "fairytale ending." Sometimes it seems like the idea of this show ending is a fairy tale. A wonderful, impossible fairy tale.

Julie Chat. She asks Daniele a father/daughter question and she smirks and smiles and generally pretends nobody found out that they both applied to be on The Amazing Race together and admitted on the feeds this week that they knew each other was going to be in the Big Brother house before they entered. She asks Zach how he was able to tune Dick out and he attributes it to his brain being frozen, which I think is actually selling himself short, but as we'll sadly learn later, Zach isn't really in the mood to do much besides prop up the Donatos tonight.

Jury House. The totally not fabricated jury house where the jurors are totally actually staying and totally not getting driven there for the two and a half hours it takes to film these filler segments and then driven back to their hotel rooms. Things we're expected to believe are happening spontaneously despite the fact that there appears to be a camera mere inches from these people's faces: Eric and Jessica flirt by the pool (number of times Jessica looks Eric in the face: zero), Amber and Dustin gossip about Jessica and Amber, and the five current jurors sit around their fire pit and await the arrival of Juror #6, who of course is Jameka, looking fab as usual despite being covered head to toe in denim like she's Robin Sparkles. There's the usual "happy to see you/sad to see you" conflicting emotions, and then Dustin intimates that he can hear Jessica and Eric doing it at night from the room next door, because Jessica's bored indifference must really carry in the jury house, I guess. The jury watches highlights from the past week, and it's clear that Zach would win a jury vote easily, given the Donato hatred. Of course, even here Eric looks uncomfortable and unwilling to say anything against Dick because he knows America is going to tell him to vote for Dick to win the money. Nobody's going to actually beat you up for badmouthing Dick, you little weasel.

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