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Slim Just Left Town

As expected, the final America's Player task is for Eric to not only vote for who we want to win, but also to campaign for that person during jury deliberations. Seeing Eric campaign for Dick to win against Zach would have been gross and annoying, but now that it's between Skinny and Sack-Face, I totally don't care. Knock yourself out, Eyebrows. Literally.

Aaaaaaand that's all. Sunday's an un-recapped clip show, and Wing Chun's got the finale covered on Tuesday. I'm done. Here's the thing: this show hasn't produced a satisfying winner since Dr. Will in Season 2. Lisa and Jun were cop-out choices because Danielle Reyes and Allison Irwin were mean bitches. Drew and Maggie were what remained after all the interesting people eliminated each other. Mike Boogie was...utterly disgusting, granted, but you got the feeling he and Erika ended up Final 2 by accident when it was supposed to be Will and Janelle. But this season had settled upon the two most vile people this show's ever seen. By design. Slow clap for that one, CBS. Sloooooow clap.

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