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Race to the Bottom

Flashback to Helen's win of the HoH on Thursday night, as well as some gloating from her in the DR. Jeremy, Aaryn, and Kaitlin seem pretty defeated, but Jeremy DRs that he's going to continue to hold his chin high. "It's too pretty to hold it low." Well, at least he's learned something.

Helen, Elissa, and Candice celebrate in the Have-Not room, which they're going to be vacating shortly. Jeremy comes in and actually makes the class move of congratulating Elissa on still being in the house. Helen accepts gracefully, but she seems to be the only one.

Meanwhile, Aaryn and Kaitlin sit and complain, and GinaMarie comes in weeping into Nick's hat. And blowing her nose into it in the DR. Nick's going to love seeing that. The three of them have in fact decided that they don't even want to be here any more. Well, who's stopping them from leaving?

Freshly ousted HoH Aaryn moves into one of the regular bedrooms with Jeremy and Kaitlin, the latter pair seeming to have annexed Jessie's bed. Not that Jessie is taking that lying down (get it?), and when they accuse her of flipping her vote, she complains about their treatment of her and suggests Aaryn get to know Elissa instead. It's starting to blow up when Judd wanders in and Kaitlin orders, "Judd, get the fuck out of here." Judd mildly points out that he lives here, and gallantly leads Jessie out of the room while the other three hurl insults at their backs. "I feel like I'm back in high school," Kaitlin says, after acting like it, "but I'm on the other side." Telling, that. The truth of this is too much for Aaryn, who maturely starts throwing pillows and the mattress off the bed she's currently occupying.

Later in that same bedroom, Jessie returns to her vacated bed, and Kaitlin climbs all over it to annoy her, like a kid bugging her sister on a road trip, until she leaves. Candice comes in and wonders what happened to her bed and her clothes, all of which have been thrown to the floor. Then Jeremy comes in and takes a turn on Jessie's bed with her, refusing to get off despite her repeated requests. As Aaryn returns, Candice threatens "all hell in this house" if her bed gets flipped again, and Aaryn gets all mocking chicken-head finger-snapping at her, with Kaitlin joining in. Oh, yikes. Candice keeps her cool, saying she's happy they flipped it. Howard enters and Aaryn keeps up the act. "What you gon' do? Where's yo' class?" Howard realizes that he and Candice need to not be in this room right now, and as GinaMarie gets into the mix and up into Candice's face, Howard picks up Candice and carries her out of the room. These sore-loser women have the Mean Girl cranked up all the way to eleven, and finally Jeremy mutters into the blankets, "Y'all are not making it better for yourselves." Wow, look who's the voice of reason all of a sudden.

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