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In the Have-Not room, Howard tells Candice to ignore them, and says he can't control his own temper once it starts, so he's not going to start. Even though that was his bed too, after all. He says that he only feels the need to defend her and Helen, the other minorities, and is happy to go home for it if need be. Candice runs down the litany of racist behavior she's been putting up with, and Howard promises it'll get better if they're the bigger people together. Candice breaks down crying, and Howard's there for her, saying they're not running; they're just playing a game, and they're going to play it smarter. Howard DRs quite correctly that people are showing their true selves, but they don't have any power in the house right now. I'm not sure how much that helps, but I suppose it beats having to suck up to them on top of it.

Back in the bedroom that's been the site of so much drama, Jessie is trying to lecture the others on their behavior, and GinaMarie accuses her of voting Nick out from jealousy. Jessie claims to be on the side of the house that respects her, which they question. Enter Amanda, who has been listening outside the door, and schools everyone about shit-talking behind people's back, and smacks Aaryn with this word-punch: "You're fucking racist on this show. And when you get out of this house you're going to have a lot of people fucking hating you." Or even before then. "That's why I came to you in a subtle way trying to help you." Aaryn denies being racist, as racists do, and bleats at Amanda, "You're a liar!" Amanda just laughs, "What game are you playing? Because we're playing Big Brother." Amanda exits, inviting America to judge. I like to think America is judging wisely.

Candice is still upset, and crying in the HoH bathroom. Do you realize that this Sunday episode is so jam-packed there wasn't even time for the HoH room showing? Helen, Andy, and Elissa surround Candice supportively while she tearfully recounts what happened to her bed. Which is not exactly a hate crime, but it's shitty and rude and on top of everything else I can get why it would be too much. Helen says she would normally tell people to bite their tongue. But she assures her that she's done putting up with it, so those people will get voted out and Candice is winning right now. The only problem is that they can only vote out one person a week. Well, most weeks.

Amanda and McCrae hang out making googly eyes at each other until McCrae tells her that he has a confession to make. After asking her to promise not to be mad, and he lets her in on the secret of the Moving Company, with a complete roll call and history. "I didn't want to be with them at all," he claims, which isn't exactly true. Amanda DRs that her first reaction was, "Good job, McCrae," and calls herself an idiot for missing it. Maybe next time, dear. McCrae goes on to tell her about the Moving Company's pressure on him to dump her, but he looked at it like a chess game and kept his queen so the king would be safe. I guess he means himself there. McCrae thinks she doesn't trust him anymore, but she assures him she does. Probably helps that he was the one to tell her.

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