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Helen has noticed that Jeremy's come over all nice since her HoH win, and she's happy to milk him for info. Which he happily hands over, telling her about the Moving Company alliance. Helen's pokerfaced with Jeremy, but she's cheering in the DR, remembering to give credit where it's due to Candice for sniffing it out first. "I killed the Moving Company!" she says. Jeremy expresses to Helen that he's regretting siding with Aaryn. So to test him out, Helen offers to put up Jeremy's showmance Kaitlin as a pawn opposite Aaryn this week. Jeremy says he's fine with it, and is willing to help Helen out. Helen knows she can't trust someone who would sell out his whole alliance like this (not once but twice, just now), but she figures she can use him. Yeah, using Jeremy worked out great for the Moving Company.

Helen's next visitor is Howard, whom she offers a sandwich from the HoH fridge and asks what he knows about the vote. He pleads ignorance, though he DRs that lying about his vote to keep Nick has been killing his conscience. Helen tells him someone's been lying to her, and she needs to know why the vote was off from what she expected. Howard asks if she's a forgiving person, but is still hesitating -- at least until Helen gets up to call Spencer in there. As though it's scripted, Howard tells her to wait, takes her into the bathroom, and confesses, "I overthought myself." Helen realizes this means Howard voted to keep Nick. Helen actually cries -- or pretends to -- over this betrayal, and then asks Howard if there's anything else he wants to tell her. Howard should realize this means she already has the goods somehow and he should come clean, but he's sticking to his denials. Even when Helen names off the members of the Moving Company, he maintains that the lack of trust between the guys makes a guy alliance impossible. Howard DRs that he decided not to tell her because he wanted Helen to trust him. Well, it didn't work. Helen hugs him and assures him they're good, but in the DR she says she's very disappointed, and on the fence about keeping Howard, whom she no longer trusts. Clearly overthninking himself is not a high bar for Howard.

Helen calls the nomination ceremony without any ado whatsoever. As she starts the key-pulling, the first person safe is Elissa. Also safe, in order, are Andy, Candice, McCrae, Amanda, GinaMarie, Judd, Jessie, Howard, Spencer, and Jeremy. Try not to act so surprised that the nominees are Aaryn and Kaitlin. Helen tells them they're both very strong competitors, and she wants to give them the opportunity to play for the Veto. Kaitlin DRs that she feels like she picked the wrong side. You think? Aaryn DRs that it would be stupid to not vote her out. "I'm the only one that doesn't want to kiss their butts." Great strategy. Jeremy says it's too bad about Kaitlin, "but I didn't' come here to get married. I came here to win five hundred thousand dollars." I hope neither of those things happens. Helen DRs that Aaryn deserves to go home, but there are bigger targets. "So watch out, here comes Helen." Wow, that may be the limpest tagline ever.

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