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Up in the Hoh room, Daniele is privately advising Kalia to just listen to people's offers and efforts to sell each other out before committing to anything. Rachel comes in with a very large, nearly empty wineglass to talk about how much she misses Brendon. Then she basically dismisses Daniele from the room. Rachel bullshits that she's excited for Kalia and respects her as a competitor. She promises not to nominate Kalia if Kalia doesn't nominate her this week. In turn, Kalia admits that she has no idea who she's going to nominate (leaving out the words "besides you"). Kalia DRs that she's tempted to work with Rachel, just because nobody would expect it. But she also basically admits that the reason that nobody would expect it is because it would be STUPID. "Humble pie, it tastes good, doesn't it, home girl?" Kalia gloats to herself after Rachel leaves the room. Whatever, Rachel's just feeding it to the dog under the table.

Big Brother Cornhole Game?!

Shelly and Kalia hang out and chat in the purple room about Kalia's personal history. Adam calls everyone to the living room to watch him de-elf. More Sunday night filler. Kalia naps in the hammock, and Shelly dares herself to crawl under and grab her leg while everyone else watches from the patio, but Kalia wakes up with Shelly underneath her. That's about it for tonight's Sunday night filler crap.

Kalia is having another chat with Daniele about whom to nominate. Which, basically, is, "Whom do I nominate?" Kalia's thinking Rachel and Jeff, saying she'll make sure to assure Jeff that he's not the target. Which won't work, because Jeff thinks he's the target even when nobody's even thinking about him. Daniele warns Kalia that she'll need to convince Jeff she's not against him. Daniele also brings up the twist with this week, and assures Kalia, "This week's going to be great no matter what." Daniele clearly isn't watching the show.

Have/Have-Not Competition. Everyone splits into teams of red and blue and, for some reason, horn-rimmed glasses, and heads out to the back yard, which has been decorated as a retro cocktail lounge. One member of each team will go behind the bar, out of sight and mix up a smoothie out of three gross ingredients from the menu and milk. Then the two players will taste each other's smoothies and try to identify as many ingredients as they can. The one who guesses the most wins the round and a point for their team. Team with the most points is Haves for the week. Jeff and Lawon are the first matchup. Each of them correctly guesses two of the ingredients in the other's cocktail. The tie-breaker is a "chug-off," which Jeff wins, even though Lawon is HERE TO PLAY.

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