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America's Vote as to whether we want Keith back, Cassi, Dominic, or Brendon back. Alas, there's no "none of the above" option.

It's nomination day. Jeff DRs that he's sure he'll go on the block, saying he doesn't think he got through to Kalia. Shame to think of all that charm and finesse going to waste. Jordan whines in the DR about being a target for the perpetuity in the game, like she thought she'd be able to come in as a previous winner and fly under the radar. Her whining is even more rich given that that's more or less what she's doing. Rachel mocks Kalia in the DR about how "you can't even barely compete with me." As for Kalia, she VOs that she's torn between not being bullied and doing the smart thing. Can't she do both?

Kalia convenes the nomination ceremony. Rachel obnoxiously sits down next to Daniele, who scootches away. Rachel follows, almost literally like, "I'm not touching you!" Kalia comes into the room and starts pulling keys. Adam's first again, this time in honor of his birthday. Also safe are Porsche, Daniele and Jordan, who declares out of turn that she'll be the replacement nominee before going ahead and pulling Lawon's key. The last key pulled is Shelly's, so Jeff and Rachel are indeed the nominees. Kalia says, "The last week has been hell for a lot of reasons...the cattiness, the talking behind people's backs." She says the people in the pictures up in the HoH room taught her to be strong and make her own decisions. Which I'm sure will convince all the people in the house (and the world) who think Kalia's only doing Daniele's bidding.

Getting up from the table, Rachel snottily asks Daniele how she's doing, and offers to talk. "I don't even want to look at you," Daniele says. Daniele DRs that Rachel's a train wreck and needs to go home, and she wouldn't be unhappy if Jeff went home either. Kalia DRs that Jeff's yelling at her didn't work: "It's time to dance, you get on the floor and make it happen." Rachel says she'll fight tooth and nail to come back in and go after Kalia, saying she miscalculated her HoH. And if anybody knows anything about overplaying HoH status, it's Rachel. She's done it like a dozen times.

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