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What Happens in Vegas

Ryan's HoH room turns out to not have any pictures of Sheila with Ryan's family, much to Sheila's relief. Ryan reads his letter from Jen, in which she claims to be watching him on the live feeds 24/7, although in a nice way. Ryan is, in the manner of all HoHs, freshly motivated.

Adam decides to start talk like a robot for a while, just for fun. "Can you get any more annoying?" Sheila wonders. Adam keeps it up so long and gets on Sheila's nerves so much that somehow it actually comes around to funny. Hey, nobody's more embarrassed to admit that than me.

Sheila goes to Adam and gets him to promise to save her. Adam noncommittally agrees, and doesn't even seem impressed when Sheila claims she'd rather end her own game before Adam's. Try threatening him some more, Sheila. That always seems to work.

Up in the HoH room, Adam and Ryan discuss over Ryan's snacks what Adam said to Natalie before her eviction. Ryan still suspects Adam of telling her, "I voted for you," but Adam is maintaining that he only said, "What do you want me to do?" The editors have Ryan's back here, though, playing the relevant clip complete with subtitles under Adam. And those subtitles read, "I voted for you," even though the audio there isn't any clearer than with the guinea pigs. Ryan claims to believe Adam to his face, but in the DR he remains unconvinced and pissed off. And Adam is worried that he made a big mistake.

There's a "luxury" competition to watch a new movie, What Happens in Vegas with Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz. Everyone's just way too excited about this, and when they go out to the backyard and find out that the prize also includes getting to go to the premiere in L.A. on May 1, as well as meeting the cast and going to the after-party and all that, they're just about ready to stroke out. The players are broken into teams, with Sharon drafting Ryan and Sheila and Adam less than thrilled to be stuck with each other again. Ryan reads off the needlessly complicated rules, and they get ready to go. Since the game involves smashing candy-glass wine bottles over each other's heads to find rings inside, they all have to wear goofy wigs with helmets hidden inside. The smashing commences, with Sheila and Adam getting a touch too into it. When it's all over, Ryan and Sharon have six spots on the nine-spot game board and Adam and Sheila have only three. So now it's time to spin the wheel to see who wins. It's Ryan and Sharon, who are thrilled. Sheila, of course, is so put out she can barely speak. Which, if you've been watching Sheila this season, you know is pretty damn put out.

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