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When they go inside, they all sit down at their dinky new four-person table. Sharon, alas, seems to have abandoned her close-mouthed strategy in favor of hooting and howling all the time. I am officially no longer pulling for her if she keeps that shit up. Her voice is grating enough when she's speaking normally. Later, she and Ryan go outside for the movie screening, with the backyard all decked out like a drive-in theater, with cars for Ryan and Sharon to sit in. They watch the movie. I'm not recapping the clips, so forget it. And they don't end up making out like I'm sure the producers were hoping. Especially not after that letter from Jen.

Ryan calls Sheila into HoH to warn her that he's putting her up, but she shouldn't worry about it, since Sharon and Adam will be going after each other. Whatever that means in this context. Sheila wants to talk specifics: if she ends up nominated against Sharon, it's going to be up to Adam to make the final decision. And of course, Adam's two closest allies don't know what he'll do. They also agree that Adam kind of screwed them both with what he said to Natalie.

Sharon and Ryan make plans to talk secretly while Sheila's busy with laundry and Adam's busy with the Bible. Sharon agrees with everyone else that Adam isn't trustworthy, and encourages Ryan's complaints about him. Sharon says they just need to figure out a way for Ryan to nominate Adam with arousing suspicion. The editors are really trying hard to make it so it doesn't look good for Adam. Which of course tells me that things are looking pretty damn good for Adam.

As Ryan deliberates over his nominations, Adam worries about his words to Natalie biting him in the ass; Sharon is confident, and Sheila is feeling like the outsider. Which you'd think she'd be used to by now. Ryan says that he's just trying to figure out the best way to get to the final two as he loads up the key box with its one key.

Ryan calls the nomination meeting and hefts the key box up onto the new table, which isn't much bigger than the key box itself. Since only one person besides the HoH isn't nominated this week, Ryan pulls that key, and it's Adam's. Ryan claims that he kept Adam safe to reward both of them for the tough week they had last week. You know, all the stress of keeping everyone guessing and making sure they knew who was in charge. Sheila is fighting tears, and losing, because she loses everything.

In the DR, Sharon remains confident that she and Ryan can get her off the block together. Adam is worried that whoever wins PoV will basically be voting someone off, so his worst-case scenario is Sharon winning. And Sheila manages to dry her eyes to complain in the DR that not only is she nominated, she's shackled to Adam for 24 hours. She holds up the locked bracelet she's wearing, and another angle reveals that Adam is sitting in there with her. "Uch," Sheila says. Okay, that little scene was totally staged, but that was quite a convincing "Uch."

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