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So now we're all caught up with what's been going on between these three when they weren't faking an evening of special reminiscences for our benefit, Julie gets on the living-room viewscreen for the final-three Chenterview. She starts with Kevin, asking what Big Brother has taught him about himself. Kevin says he's learned to have more confidence, as shown by how far he's gotten. Well, the night is young. Julie asks Natalie what she'll miss the most. Natalie gives a content-free answer about living with a house full of people. Julie's final question is to Jordan, asking how the experience has changed her, being away from home for the longest time in her life. She basically says she's a grown-ass woman. In case you were wondering how they were going to fill up two hours, that right there is how.

Time to check in with the jury house, which Jeff is enjoying. He and Russell are expecting Kevin to show up next, but Jessie expects Michele, so Lydia does too (which Jeff totally calls her on, amusingly). When Michele walks in, looking pretty swanky, Jessie throws himself a big obnoxious celebration. Russell, however, is disappointed to see her. Michele breaks the news about the Pandora's Box twist that resulted in Natalie's engagement. Jessie plays it cool. "How's her boyfriend? Is he a tool?" Jeff asks. Hee! Lydia tells Michele that Natalie's 24, which Michele isn't surprised to hear. She is a little surprised to hear how much everyone in the jury house hates Natalie now.

Michele plays them the DVD of Natalie's HoH reign, which makes everyone hate Natalie even more. Even Jessie says he would have voted for Michele over Natalie. If someone doesn't take Natalie to the final two, that person is going to be very regretful.

After an ad break, we're back in the jury house for the evening deliberations in the backyard. The five jurors -- Jessie, Russell, Jeff, Michele, and Lydia -- take their seats, looking for all the world like a bunch of barflies who just decided to play Supreme Court. The only consensus they come to for now is that they're stuck with a final three who weren't big winners in the game. Jeff and Lydia get into it a little bit over their respective allies, Jordan and Kevin, each defending his or her partner rather sharply. Russell gives Jordan credit for glomming onto a strong player like Jeff, and Jeff and Lydia start sniping at each other again. They move on to Natalie, who Russell characterizes as an intentional "loser," while Michele says that she attached herself to other people. Jessie takes exception to that, but Jeff insists that Natalie's age is irrelevant; overall, she acted like a twelve-year-old. Jeff is totally on tonight. Lydia starts building a case for Kevin, pointing out that he evicted Jeff, for instance. Things get personal, as Jeff and Jessie exchange potshots, and Michele admits that while she once thought the jury should vote dispassionately, she's now angry and bitter. But of course all this discussion is pretty pointless, because in the end they all agree that they're going to have to wait to hear the final two's answers to their questions. And wait until they know who the final two are. Yeah, that.

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