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So now it's finally time for the third stage of the HoH competition. Jordan and Kevin are sitting on opposite sides of a divider, while Natalie sits alone off in the kitchen. Julie tells them this is going to be a quiz about how jurors completed certain statements. The first one forces Julie to provide two possible Jessie quotes about the best thing in the house: A) "The ladies, oh yeah" and B) "time to work on my amazing calves." Which are two pretty funny things to hear Julie Chen say. Only Kevin gets it right. The next question is about Lydia, who says her most irritated moment was when Jeff got the Coup d'Etat. Jordan gets that one, so it's tied. Again, they both give different answers about what Russell would change if he could go back in time, the correct answer to which is how much he told Michele. Jordan gets that point, and the lead. The audience is totally on her side, by the way. Jordan gets a question about Jeff wrong (even the audience knew that one), which means they have a tie going into the last question. Finally, they have to guess who Michele thinks needs a reality check the most. Well, that's not going to break a tie, since the correct answer of Jessie is obvious to anyone. So out come the tablets for the tiebreaker questions. Julie asks them how many total votes to evict have been cast so far this season. Kevin visibly does math in his head, while Jordan looks so blank that Julie might as well have asked her how many quarters are in an hour. But she guesses 50 against Kevin's 80, and since the answer is 51, she's the final HoH. She can't even believe it herself. And when she stands up, I can't believe what she's wearing. A black tube top and hot pants? Is that really appropriate finale attire? Well, at least she looks more reasonably dressed than Julie.

Once we're back, Julie gives Natalie and Kevin a chance to plead their case to Jordan. Natalie rapidly blurts out a lot of talk about her loyalty and basically begs Jordan to keep her in the game. Kevin tells Jordan they've never come after each other, and tells Jordan she's "Gucci," which I assume is a compliment. Jordan looks embarrassed by all the attention, or perhaps by their speeches. I can relate to the latter. Julie reminds Jordan that she's guaranteed at least $50,000 as the second place winner, but now she's got to decide who to bring with her for the final vote for the $500,000 grand prize. Jordan stands, awkwardly tugs down the hem of her shorts, and gives a rambling speech of her own that ends with evicting Kevin. Jordan tells him she feels terrible about it, but he assures her he's cool with it. In fact, he lingers so long that he forgets he has to leave. It's like he's never seen an eviction before. Eventually he wanders out. Jordan and Natalie are left in the house, both congratulating each other, and both trying to assure Jordan she made the right call. Natalie seems to be doing a better job of both.

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