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Kevin begins his exit Chenterview by admitting that Jordan made the smart move, and saying he's not angry. Julie brings up Kevin's plan to boot Michele so he could use Jordan to get rid of Natalie, and basically asks how that worked out. "Julie, why are you asking me that?" he wails. All he'll say is no regrets. Julie asks him to say what's most important in a winner without giving his vote away, and he says it's who played the strongest strategically. Yeah, I think Julie was looking for more of a non-answer than that.

Farewell messages. Jordan repeats her apologies for evicting Kevin, saying she wouldn't have a chance against him. "I don't know what went wrong," Natalie tells him. Both sucking up to him for his jury vote, clearly. Do any of these people know that it's not just the jury yet, and that America gets to vote? I hope not, because I'm looking forward to watching them find out.

Julie announces the entrance of the jurors one by one: Jessie, Lydia, Russell (where's his suit? And the buttons on his shirt? And one of his shirt tails?), Jeff, and Michele. Once they take their seats, Julie makes them guess who the final juror is before bringing out Kevin. Hugs between Kevin and all the jurors except Jessie. Julie asks what Lydia's thinking. "Well, we have two witches in the final two," Lydia says, classy to the end. Julie breaks the news to them that Jordan won the last HoH and evicted Kevin. No DVD for them this time, though.

Julie is ready to move onto the jury questioning. Apparently the first five jurors have agreed on three questions each for Natalie and Jordan (six questions I have to recap?!), but don't worry, Kevin -- you'll get to ask them one of your own. (seven questions I have to recap??!?)

Julie gets on the viewscreen to alert Jordan and Natalie that the questioning is about to begin. Russell starts things out by asking Jordan what her initial strategy was and how it changed. Jordan says she originally planned to "lay low and not trust everyone." Which changed to trusting everyone the first week, then trusting no one the second week. Finally she decided to be herself. She's still yammering when she runs out of time, which demonstrates that she is still sticking to that strategy. Lydia asks Natalie who she thought her biggest threat was. Natalie says it was Lydia herself, coming between her bond with Jessie. Jeff wants Jordan to understand that that the question he's asking comes from the whole group: "Other than aligning with me, what was your best move in the game?" Jordan doesn't deny the premise, and says it was getting rid of Kevin. Michele asks Natalie that since she's 18 and "supposedly engaged, "why was it critical that I tell the jury your engagement news? Were you hoping this would influence our votes?" Natalie claims it was just because she was so excited and proud of the news that she wanted her friends in the jury house to know about it, which is why she lied about it when it first happened. Jessie boredly asks Jordan why she deserves to beat Natalie. Jordan says she's proven it by winning the two final HoH rounds by herself. The studio audience cheers for her. Russell asks the last question to Natalie -- why she deserves to win over Jordan. Natalie says she stuck with her strategy of aligning herself with strong competitors. Because two of her examples are Ronnie and Chima, neither of whom even made it to the jury house, that doesn't really make her case. Oh, and she forgot to mention her last ally, Kevin, which Jeff doesn't fail to quietly point out. And when she says she never backstabbed her alliance, there's not a straight face in the house. Other than hers of course.

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