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Till Death Do You Part

Then there's a funny little montage of Adam using his new toy to irritate the person on the other end of it: Sheila sits on a chair with Adam while he tugs repeatedly on the cord. He keeps doing things like not moving while she tries to cross the room for a mug, and purposely getting them tangled up. "Could you please win PoV and get his ass out?" Sheila complains to an amused Ryan. "I'll think about it," Ryan chuckles.

Julie welcomes us back for the PoV, but first! Sheila and Adam are in bed together (with the night-vision showing off Sheila's skimpy underwear to fluorescent effect), and Sheila gets up to see if Sharon's in her bed in the next room. Seeing she isn't, she and Adam suspect that she's plotting something with Ryan. Which is more or less what's happening, upstairs in the HoH room. Sharon is suspicious of Sheila's bond with Adam, and explains to Ryan why they need to break up the couple. Meanwhile, Sheila is whispering to Adam, "I can see you winning this game, Adam. We could to amazing stuff with this money. Do you understand? We are deserving, you and I both." Adam completely agrees, because that's what he does, and the only thing scarier than Sheila is Sheila in Lady Macbeth mode.

Next day, Adam and Sheila get called back to the DR to get unshackled. Which they do. The first thing Sheila does with her freed-up arms is, of course, hug Adam.

PoV. The yard is divided up into four sections with high walls. Since there's a horse-racing theme, each player will have to hang a photo of a jury member on a headless jockey, along with two facts about that jury member. They have to do this for each of the five jury members so far, in order, and the one to finish first wins PoV.

Here we go. Ryan DRs that he wants to win, to hold onto the power. Sheila DRs that she or Adam has to win, and she hopes he has her back like she has his. Adam thinks he'll stay, as long as Sharon doesn't win this one. But Sharon thinks her worst-case scenario is for Adam or Sheila to win, since she believes they'll stick together. Anyway, the game goes on roughly interminably. The walls not only serve to keep the players from cheating off of each other, it also allows the editors to cut it together any way they want to make it seem close. Not that they do that, because Ryan wins the PoV by what looks like a fairly wide margin.

Sheila DRs that she doesn't know what's happening next. Sharon DRs that her only hope is for Ryan to come through for his secret ally. Adam realizes that he's either on the block or the deciding vote. And Ryan congratulates himself on his position of power, which he thinks makes his butt totally kissworthy. I sort of miss the days when there were too many players to get everyone's DR reaction to every event, but being this close to the end more than makes up for it.

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