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Till Death Do You Part

After the ads, Julie tells us some stuff we already know before putting us back in the house. Ryan is cajoling and coaxing and threatening Adam to vote Sheila out, but is doubting whether he can trust him.

Later, Adam asks Sharon for advice, as though she's a disinterested party here. He even offers to promise to keep her if she promises to keep him in return. Sharon declines, which arouses Adam's suspicions that something's up between Sharon and Ryan. Otherwise, why wouldn't she take the deal? Sharon looks worried for the first time I can remember.

Sharon goes to Ryan to report this, and now they're both less trusting of Adam than ever before. Meanwhile, Sheila goes to Adam to once again lean on him to keep Sheila, because Sheila will keep Adam but Sharon wouldn't. She gets tearful as she reminds him that she's had his back all along. Having said her piece, she leaves him to return to his Bible study, which he resumes as though nothing just happened.

Adam goes up to see Ryan, who's all "J'accuse!" Although not in so many words. He's all righteously indignant about Adam making secret deals with Sharon, because after all, that's Ryan's job. Adam denies everything, so inarticulately that everything he says is subtitled for a while. Ryan isn't convinced that Adam hasn't been trying to cut deals behind his back, although he loses a bit of steam when Adam tries to turn it around on him. Nothing gets resolved, because we've got to maintain the suspense and also it's time to sell stuff.

After the ads, Julie gets the houseguests live on the viewscreen and asks Ryan if it's dangerous for him to hold all this power. That's the least of Ryan's worries, which he more or less says. Julie congratulates Sharon on breaking a Big Brother record: she's the first player who's ever been nominated five times in a row. When asked how she's managed to stick around so long, Sharon just talks about her faith in her houseguests. Julie asks Sheila why she was so upset about being shackled to Adam, and she doesn't spare Adam's feelings when she answers. For Adam's part, he slurs out a non-answer. And with that, we're off to commercials again.

Coming back, Julie announces the Veto meeting, which happens now, live. Ryan opts not to change his nominations. Julie opens the floor to the nominees, letting Sharon go first. The walking macro stands and gives her usual speech. Sheila tries to be fatalistic as well, but it isn't too convincing, what with all the crying she's barely not doing. So it's time for Adam to vote, and he votes to evict Sharon. Dude, Ryan is going to be pissed.

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