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Jerry and Judas

Remember how Michelle won a feast for the house during the food competition the other night? They now sit down and eat it, taking turns making incoherent toasts and attempting to bury various hatchets. Both the Dan/Jerry and the April/Keesha axes make some kind of peace. Ollie takes his hat off just long enough to offer to talk one-on-one with anyone, and Libra takes him up on it. In the storage, room, she tearfully says how hurt she was by being called a "scallywag." But it turns out she's still playing the game, because when Ollie hugs her and apologizes for overreacting to his feelings of betrayal, Libra tells him that it was really Keesha who arranged Jessie's eviction. "That's all I need to hear," Ollie says, because he is a perfectly tuned piano in this game. Oh, sneaky, sneaky Libra. I should have know that "scallywag" wasn't the dagger to the heart that she claimed it was.

Keesha, meanwhile, is up in the HoH, while Michelle tells Keesha about some of the snarky remarks Libra was making during the dinner. I mean, they seemed pretty harmless to me, but Michelle is trying to drive a wedge here. She goes to get April to corroborate, which April does (a reliable source if ever there was one), while Memphis and his onion necklace look on. So now Keesha wants a piece of Libra. Oh, Keesha.

Michelle summons Libra, and they all surround her while she insists that she was only making a joke. Which was kind of funny, but Keesha is choosing to take offense. Memphis wisely leaves the room moments before Keesha and Libra start screaming at each other. April and Michelle sit it out at first, but then Michelle and Libra are yelling at each other, while the rest of the house sits down in the kitchen listening to the yelling. In the DR, Dan calls the feast a benefit dinner: "Every bit of it benefited me." Heh. Meanwhile, upstairs, Libra throws Keesha under the Jessie bus, then Keesha pulls April right under their with her, before storming out and saying they'll evict whoever they want.

Of course Michelle can't have that, so she follows Keesha through the house like this is all about her. Keesha's having a total meltdown about April and how seam-burstingly full of shit she is. "I thought you would be the one out of everybody who would see it!" Wow, Keesha's as good as Libra at turning a genuine freak-out into a game move. If only Michelle could also see all the smug April bitchfaces that the editors keep cutting into Keesha's tirade, she might be reconsidering.

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