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Jerry and Judas

All Jerry DRs about his veto is "expect the unexpected." Oh, so we can expect Jerry to behave maturely and with perspective? I'll be looking forward to that, then. Keesha is still on edge, and Libra is aware that everyone sees her as the "puppetmistress." Dan has written something on his face as he speculates that the odds of Jerry using the PoV are about 50/50. How's the weather out on that limb, Dan?

During the Veto meeting, Keesha goes first in her own defense. All she does is take responsibility for her part in evicting Jessie, and doesn't expect to be vetoed. Ringing defense. Libra does the same. Instead of just saying what he's going to do, Jerry first tells his captive audience about his own feelings, and lectures Dan, saying, "You will always be Judas in my house." Libra's eyes quietly bug out, and Memphis rolls his eyes all the way into his hat while Dan just calmly says he understands. But Jerry is not using the Veto.

Dan's clearly a little hurt by Jerry's speech, even as he DRs, "I'd rather be lucky than be good, so Jerry, thank you very much." Don't let it get to you, Dan; Judas was set up. Keesha promises not to leave the house without a fight, and considers "killing them with kindness." Which will be funny, because even saying the words is making it hard for her not to vomit. And Libra has decided to educate everyone on Keesha's role in Jessie's eviction. Yes, few alliances can survive an unused Veto.

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