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The Fierce Five and the Farce Five

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McKayla is Not Impressed, and We Don't Blame Her

Shane is hoping to win to protect himself, Dan is hoping to win to get rid of Shane, Ian is hoping to win to get rid of Jenn and keep the Quack Pack together to the bitter end, as though Dan has any intention of letting that happen, and Jenn is of course just hoping to save her ass. The competition begins, and there are widely divergent strategies. Shane is trying to solve his puzzle in the provided tray, Dan's trying to solve his in his head from the greater distance of his button platform, Ian keeps running out of time, and Danielle is whining about how much harder this is than a regular old puzzle on the ground.

The clock totally defeats Ian, who forgets about the ten-second grace period and gets eliminated while he's just standing there. Boy genius, indeed. But now he's free to kibitz from his own button platform, giving Shane some much-needed coaching. And that's what it takes to get Shane the PoV win, which is heralded with a bell and all the other players' puzzles falling down. Shane happily DRs about his fourth PoV win after a long break, but he's in the final four and looking forward to the luxury competition. Back in the studio, Julie obviouses that Shane will save himself, but the question is who will replace him on the block. Well, we know it'll be someone whose name begins with a Dan.

Okay, so the show has been teasing the appearance of the U.S. Women's Gymnastics team all episode, I might as well tell you (since Julie just did). Shane gathers everyone into the living room to read a card hinting at how the Veto winner gets to meet some people from one of the summer's biggest events, and announcing that he gets to pick one houseguest to bring along. Shane picks Danielle, and the next thing we see is the two of them all dressed up, getting into a limo in the CBS backlot, and being excited to see such exotic sights of the outside world like cars and strangers.

Soon they arrive at an arena, where they find the green room and Danielle reads a card about the Fierce Five. The gymnasts come in, and it appears to be actually them, even though it could have been any five teenage girls in matching warm-up suits holding boxes of Corn Flakes and neither Shane nor Danielle would be any the wiser. As is shown when they have to introduce themselves to the houseguests. Shane and Danielle dodge the question as to whether the two of them are dating (which even the teenagers in the room realize means no), and Shane asks if they know the show and who's their favorite. "You," deadpans McKayla Maroney, even though she is clearly not impressed. Especially when Shane compares Big Brother to gymnastics.

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