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McKayla is Not Impressed, and We Don't Blame Her

She marches out high-fiving the audience and hugging Julie in the studio. Julie asks Jenn why she's out here instead of Danielle, and Jenn actually blames herself for not winning the PoV rather than going on about what a threat she is. Not that Danielle won the PoV either, mind you. Julie charitably calls Jenn's game "low-key" up until the point when she saved Dan. Jenn maintains that she has no regrets, and figured if she couldn't beat Dan (which she couldn't), she had to join him (which she also couldn't). Julie remembers that Jenn has been on slop for the last four weeks, and presents her with the oh-so-luxurious post-eviction feast of a PB&J on a plate, which Jenn tucks right into in front of God and everybody. Good for her, man. I mean, at this point, who gives a shit?

Back from the ads, Julie tells us that the houseguests got some pictures of their time in the house so far, which brings us to tonight's HoH competition. The photography theme allows Julie to make an auto-advance pun about the final three that even she may not be aware of, just as a bonus. In the backyard, which has a photo-shoot theme, Ian's sitting in the art director's seat on the sidelines while Dan, Shane, and Danielle are standing on the old, familiar True/False rings, separated from each other by high dividers. Julie explains that they'll be asked seven true-or-false questions about the photos they saw earlier, and the one with the most points at the end gets to be the new HoH. After the usual tiebreaker, presumably.

Anyway, we never saw these photos before now, and the details Julie's asking about are so banal as to force the players to straight-up guess at the answers, so there's no need to describe them. Everyone gets the first question right and scores a point. Same with the second one, but Dan's the only one to get the third question wrong. Only Danielle gets the fourth one wrong, so Shane's in the lead. At least until the next question, which only answers correctly, leading to a three-way tie. Which becomes a two-way tie when Dan and Danielle get the penultimate question right, meaning they go into the last question neck and neck. And of course they all get the last one right, so we're going to a tiebreaker, as usual.

Shane's out, but Dan and Danielle have to grab their boards to guess how many seconds the "Time Flies" PoV competition took. I don't know, but I've noticed a lot of bandaged fingers in the house since it happened. Dan guesses 626 and Danielle 155, but the correct answer is 584. Yes, Dan was closer, but he went over, so Danielle is the new HoH. Bye, Ian!

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