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Natalie's Revenge (Again)

That night, out back, alone with Natalie, Jeff makes his offer: Natalie seems tempted by the chance at HoH plus a guarantee for a spot in the final three.

We get to meet Michele's husband back home, who is as nerdy as you might expect. He also tells some nerd-stories on his wife from their early dating days, when she brought roommates and a book on their first date. Clearly it was destiny. He adds that she's clumsy at home, which is amplified by a montage of some of Michele's greatest spills. They could have filled a whole hour with that if they'd wanted to. As for the people in the house who have gotten mad at her for not remembering conversations, she apparently does that at home, too. What a handy skill to have in the Big Brother house. We see him watching at home with the family, reacting to Michele's crying jag and say it's hard for him not to be able to do anything about it. But in the big picture, he thinks she can win. Well, if she hasn't lost by now, I guess anything's possible.

Julie gets on the viewscreen for the group Chenterview with the houseguests. She starts by asking Kevin about the Pandora's Box fiasco. He says he wouldn't normally mind being handcuffed and bent over a box, but not in this case. "Family hour!" Julie reminds him. Fortunately for America's innocence, this little indiscretion is followed by some moments of dead audio and cutting to the aquarium. Julie asks Natalie why she left Kevin twisting in the breeze, and Natalie insists that she was the first one to find Kevin, claiming that she went back for more money to keep the other houseguests from getting suspicious. Does that excuse even make sense to Natalie?

Julie then plays them a clip package of their falling down during last week's HoH competition, and another one of Natalie's dragonfly-triggered freak-out to make them laugh. Glad we got to watch it again. Natalie can't believe they showed her flipping her shit. What show does she think she's on?

Time to visit the jury house. A black-haired Lydia is mixing Jessie girl-drinks and being clingy and pathetic. It's kind of a shame they don't get to enjoy a screening of All About Steve. They hope Jeff will be arriving next, but they're disappointed to see Russell walk in, yelling "Technotronics!?" Jessie even rips his shirt off. Wait, why am I saying "even?" Russell starts to tell them what happened, but Jessie guesses the end early: Russell got backdoored. Russell assures them that he "threw a stink," but Jeff is running the house now. Russell likes Natalie's chances, and Jessie breaks the news that she's 24, not 18. Lydia acts like this is a big deal, like her bond with Natalie is built on a foundation of lies. Which is odd, because I thought Lydia's bond with Natalie was built on a foundation of them hating each other for all but one of the weeks they were in the house together. They watch the DVD Russell brought of Jeff's HoH win, followed by Jeff's PoV win. Russell thinks Kevin might take Jeff down, but admits that he would vote for Jeff in the final two. Jessie agrees. Lydia is shocked, but I think we all know how she would vote if Jeff were in the final two about five minutes from now.

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