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Natalie's Revenge (Again)

Kevin's up in the HoH room for his private Chenterview. Julie asks him about his doubts regarding Natalie. He admits that you can't spell "Natalie" without "lie," but he doesn't have any choice but to trust her. Julie asks if he's worried about being blamed for Jeff's eviction, and again he says it was out of his hands, and his only way to stay for another week.

Time for the voting. As always, the nominees get to speak in their defense. Jordan goes first, saying she doesn't have a speech, and proceeds to prove it by blathering dizzily on. She says she never would have made it this far without Jeff. She wishes them luck, and says she is grateful to meet "all y'all." She plops back down, and Jeff stands up, directing his speech right at Natalie, saying, "an 18-year-old stands in the way of my destiny." He lectures her about the importance of her word, her family and her boyfriend, all of which she can uphold tonight by doing what Jeff wants her to and getting to receive messages and pictures from home as the new HoH. He warns her against sticking with Kevin the backstabber, and wraps it up.

The voting begins with Natalie. Without waiting for Julie to ask for her vote she says Jeff made his choice when he put her up against Jessie, so she's voting to evict him. Michele votes to evict Jordan. That's going to leave Kevin as the tiebreaker. He gets up and evicts Jeff, getting in a little retaliation for Jeff's nominee speech. "Nice desperate try. You're out of here." Jeff gets up and tells everyone goodbye, and totally forgets to kiss Jordan. Is he just not that into her? "C'est la vie. It hurts. I lost," he says before going out the door.

There's a standing ovation to greet him when he comes out to the studio. As he greets Julie and they set up for the interview, the remaining four houseguests talk about what just happened. Natalie says she had to stick to her word, Jordan worries that she babbles (she did), and Kevin says he was going to be nice until Jeff got "low and dirty." Michele has nothing to say. So I guess it's just three houseguests talking about what just happened.

Julie comments on the standing O Jeff got during his exit and moves on to the game. Julie asks why he decided to trust Kevin and Natalie and turn on Russell. Jeff says he had to make his move, and he's sure Russell would have come after him this week. His only regret is not winning PoV this week. Julie restates the question, this time giving him a little guilt trip about America giving him the Coup d'Etat, and he restates the answer. Julie asks him what happened to the goodbye kiss with Jordan. Jeff gives a lame excuse and the crowd groans. Bye, Jeff. I'm not kissing you either.

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