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Natalie's Revenge (Again)

The final-three HoH competition this week looks familiar. As in previous seasons, it's the "Fact or Fiction" game with the three remaining non-Kevin players standing on the rings of a bulls-eye, separated from each other by high walls. They'll have to answer true or false questions about what's going on with evicted houseguests by stepping into the "fact" ring or the "fiction" ring. The one with the most right answers at the end wins. As the game begins, Jordan is the only one to correctly guess that it's fact that Casey is selling banana-themed merch online. Michele and Natalie overestimate the man's dignity, which I wouldn't have thought possible with a fortysomething white rapper. They do not overestimate Laura's vanity, and all three of them say that it's fiction that Laura explained her eviction by saying, "Because I'm beautiful." Or the giant Laura-teeth on her alien-face mash-up from the PoV competition is still fresh in their minds. Jordan's still in the lead. Michele is the only one who fails to guess that Lydia and Jessie are still on speaking terms in the jury house, so she's in last place. They all get the next one right, which is that Ronnie got more votes for the Coup d'Etat than Chima. Michele is the only one who answers that "technotronics" is not actually a word relating to plate tectonics, so she catches up with Natalie. And she's the only one who correctly guesses that Chima apologized for some of her remarks about Russell, so she's tied with Jordan for the lead. The final question is whether Ronnie went to a sci-fi convention in his "space princess" costume? Only Natalie got it right, so now Julie's out of questions and it's a three-way tie. The ladies must now pick up tablets to write down their guesses for how many total cans were in the tubes at the end of the HoH competition Jeff won two weeks ago. Because she is, at the end of the day, still an idiot, Jordan guesses 24. Which is how many cans Jeff had alone. Michele's guess is 65, and Natalie guesses 75. Since the answer is 91, Natalie wins it. She crows about winning without breaking her word and calls out, "Vengeance is coming for you, Chima!" before hugging Jordan and Michele. Wait, did she just hug the people she promised vengeance against?

Julie gives a rundown of the coming week: nominations on Sunday plus a new Pandora's Box gag, and a live episode on Tuesday with a live eviction. Both of which nights I will miss, but not to worry; the marvelous DeAnn will have it covered (not the first time she's saved my life, either). I'll be back for the final HoH competition on Thursday, and then we're in the home stretch. My favorite part of this show is the home stretches. After the hiatuses, that is.

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