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You Can't Spell "Aaryn" without "Aryan."

So later, Amanda and McCrae lounge together discussing their next move. Amanda tips her hand, saying she doesn't trust Nick and they need to get him out. McCrae plays it cool, but in the DR he admits that he's torn between following the wishes of the Moving Company and his girlfriend. Poor McCrae and his tiny little balls are back in the vise. Again. Not an enviable position for someone whose entire strategy is to do what other people want him to do.

Julie raises the houseguests on the living room viewscreen and starts out with Jeremy, congratulating him on winning the PoV but asking why he wasn't worried about his nomination to begin with. Jeremy says he was excited to compete, but it's possible that Julie might have gotten the others thinking a bit. If they were thinking people, that is. Julie's next question is about showmances, which she directs to Jessie, one of the few unwillingly single people in the house. Jessie's answer is not particularly edifying, except for how Nick sighs wearily as she's talking. Julie then asks Amanda how long it takes to forget there are cameras and microphones recording everything, which obviously a number of them have. Amanda makes a lame joke about having forgotten she was even on Big Brother until Julie showed up, but says more seriously that she forgets all the time. Julie directs the question to Aaryn, who claims to be a "very open person" in general, so everyone knows all about her. "Yes… we all do," Julie says dramatically. Indeed.

After closing down the viewscreen connection, Julie abruptly gets serious, saying, "The insensitive remarks made by a few of the houseguests have stirred up a controversy online and have made national headlines." She says that while they don't all know its effect on their lives outside the house (like Aaryn and GinaMarie having been fired, I've heard), it's getting to them inside the house.

Cut to some clips from earlier this week of some of the houseguests hanging out in the back yard talking about Aaryn's most recent racist remarks, this time about the behavior of the black and white fish in the tank. Howard tells his housemates and the DR how it's affecting him. Amanda makes excuses, saying it comes from ignorance, but the others aren't buying it. So Amanda ends up taking it upon herself to go to Aaryn in the HoH room and privately warn Aaryn that she's coming off bigoted, especially to the non-white houseguests. Aaryn's reaction is predictably mature: "That's the most obnoxious, annoying thing I've ever heard." Okay, so keep doing it, then, and see what happens. Aaryn points out that the others call her blonde, which is totally the same thing. "I wish that I cared more about this but I don't," she says. Well, I guess that tells us all we need to know.

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